How to Make Subtasks and Sublists in Reminders in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

The Apple Reminders app has long been revamped in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. Apart from having an intuitive user interface, the app also has a number of useful features, including “Remind Me When Texting” and the ability to create subtasks and sublists. As someone who relies on timely alerts to handle workloads, I welcome this new addition. It simplifies the process of managing reminders. If you haven’t used this user-friendly feature yet, learn how to create subtasks and sublists in the Reminders app on iPhone, iPad or Mac right now.

Create Subtasks and Sublists in Apple Reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

There are multiple ways to create a set of lists or turn a few reminders into subtasks. While I find the typical method simple, the gesture-based method is my favourite, as it works as smoothly as three-finger text editing and two-finger tap gestures. As is usually the case with the Apple ecosystem, the process feels seamless across iDevices. Enough talking? Let’s get to the guide!

Create New Subtasks on iPhone and iPad

  1. Start reminders app on your iOS or iPadOS device.

2. Now, create a new reminder as your primary duty. Next, tap on “me” button located on the right side of the task. (You’ll have to tap the reminder to reveal the info button.)

Create New Subtasks in reminders on iOS and iPadOS

3. Then scroll down and Subtasks.

Scroll down and select Subtasks.

4. Next, tap on Add Reminder and then create the subtasks. Tap on them after creating them. Detail.

Create subtasks on iOS

5. Finally, make sure to tap Done. to finish. You can use the small arrow to the right of the main task to view subtasks in expanded or collapsed form.

Tap Done to finish

Note: There is a pretty simple trick to turn a task into a subtask by just dragging and dropping gestures.

  • Simply make a new task that you want to use as your primary reminder. Then create a second one that you want to use as a subtask. After that, drag the second task on top of the first to turn the first one into a subtask.
  • You can also use this same hack to turn existing reminders into subtasks. To do this, drag all tasks onto the task you want to use as the primary reminder. All of these tasks will be instantly converted into subtasks. This saves time, doesn’t it?

Make Subtasks from New or Existing Reminders on Mac

  1. Start reminders application on your Mac.
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Launch the Reminders app on Mac

2. Now, create reminder the one you want to use as primary.

Create a reminder on Mac

3. Next, subtask below the primary reminder. After that, right click on the task and select Indent Reminder on the menu.

Select the indentation reminder

This much! If you want to create more subtasks, simply hit the return/enter key and then select the Indent option for each.


  • Just like Reminders for iOS, its macOS counterpart allows you to subtask from new or existing reminders using the drag-and-drop gesture.
  • Simply select the task and then drag it under the task you want to set as your main reminder.

Make Sublists in Reminders on iPhone and iPad

Note that you can easily create a new list by tapping the “Add List” button.

  1. Open reminders application on your device.

Launch Reminders app on iPhone

2. Now, drag and drop gesture to merge one list with another. Next, give it a group name and To create to finish.

Create a group list

Make Sublists in Reminders on Mac

  1. Open reminders app on your macOS device.

Launch the Reminders app on Mac

2. Now drag a list above the list you want to use as your primary list.

Make sublists

3. After that, give it a name and you are good to go.

How to Make Subtasks and Sublists in Reminders in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

How to Easily Create Subtasks and Sublists in Apple Reminders

So this is the quick way to create a group of lists or turn reminders into subtasks. Now that you know how this little trick works, keep your alerts organized or at your convenience for that matter. Have questions about this feature? If yes, feel free to shoot them in the comments below.