How to Make Phone Calls with Hangouts Dialer on Nexus 7

Recent updates to the Google Hangouts app and the newly introduced Google Hangouts Dialer app make it possible to turn an Android tablet like Google Nexus 7 into a phone. This works over Wi-Fi or on LTE versions of the tablet. Using Google Hangouts and the new Hangouts Dialer app on a Nexus 7 could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by allowing owners to cancel their cell phone service. Even if a user has to pay an early termination fee to cancel their subscription before their two-year contract expires, the monthly savings will cover that cost within a few months.

This guide shows users how to forgo expensive cell phone services by turning a Google Nexus 7 into a phone. Any tablet will work as long as its owner can access the Internet via Wi-Fi or LTE. So, owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2014 Edition or any Dell’s Place 7 or Venue 8 tablets can take advantage of this service to offload AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or whatever cell phone company they use.

Hardware Required to Make Calls with Hangouts Dialer

First, users need a good tablet. Get a nice tablet like Google Nexus 7. It’s small, light and works great. Some of us can even put it in a pocket to carry it inconspicuously.

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Second, get a good set of Bluetooth headphones or a good set of headphones or headphones with a built-in microphone. Without it, everyone will hear all your calls, which will not cause privacy and disturbing people nearby.

Get Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer Apps

Now, install hangouts and Hangouts DialerIf they are not yet installed on Nexus 7 or any other tablet.


Hangouts app allows users to communicate with each other.

Nexus 7 comes with Google Hangouts installed by default. The app allows users to send and receive messages from other Hangouts users. It can also take over the instant messaging functionality on smartphones. Users can live chat via text and even video chat with their friends, family or colleagues.

hangout dialer

Here is the new dialer screen in Google Hangouts, available after installing Hangouts Dialer.

Hangouts Dialer app adds phone functions to Google Hangouts app. When the Dialer app is installed, a new tab in Hangouts appears on the right side of the top row in the Hangouts app, which looks like a small phone number pad.

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Finally, make sure you have Google Voice set up in your Google account before continuing. go and if not yet, follow the onscreen instructions to set a new number.

Hangouts Dialer Make a Phone Call

To make a call, do one of a few things after you open the Hangouts app. Notice the three buttons at the top. The first person on the left shows a contact list. Search for the person by typing their name or scroll down the list. Tap the contact to open a chat session with that contact.

Notice the three icons in the upper right corner of the chat session. The icon on the left starts a hangout. The middle icon starts a phone call and the right menu icon opens the drop-down list. Use either of the first two for a video or audio call.

Since we are using the Nexus 7 as a phone, we will focus on the second item that initiates a phone call using a Google Voice account. Tap the phone icon, it will launch the call screen and dial the contact’s number. When the person answers the call, start talking as if you were on the phone.

hangouts dialer call screen

The Hangouts Dialer call screen within Google Hangouts.

Users can also initiate a call by tapping the phone numpad icon at the top right of the Hangouts app while opening Google Hangouts. Again, search for a contact in the top search box or tap the contact name of the last conversation listed. The last call list is empty when a user opens the Hangouts app for the first time after installing the dialer app.

To call someone who is not already in the contact list or recent call list, tap the numeric keypad icon at the bottom of the screen and dial the number manually. Press the large phone icon at the bottom of the numeric keypad to place the call. When the recipient answers, start talking.