How to Make Phone Calls with Google Home?

The Google Assistant powered speaker, the Google Home, is truly very capable and is arguably the only smart speaker that has managed to stand up to the Amazon Echo lineup (until the HomePod arrives). Well, Google Home is getting better. You can now even make phone calls with your Google Home, while you can already do tasks like control your home’s thermostat and lights. At Google I/O 2017, Google announced that the search feature would be coming to Google Home in the coming months, and it has finally arrived. Well, if you’re wondering how to use this new feature, Here’s how to make a call with Google Home:

How to Search with Google Home

Before making any calls with Google Home, make sure your Google Home is running on the latest version. firmware version 1.26.93937. To check the version, open the Google Home app, tap the device icon in the upper right corner of the screen and go to your Google Home’s settings.

After updating your Google Home to the latest firmware update, you can now only make hands-free calls. Saying “Ok Google, call my mom” or “Ok Google, call my mom”. It’s that simple!

Moreover call specific phone numbers by saying them out loud. For example, say “OK Google, call 123-456-7890”. However, if you’re new to Google Home, you won’t be able to use the search feature without setting up your device first. You will need to download the free Google Home app for this (Android/iOS). For a detailed guide on how to set up your Google Home device, you can read our detailed article on it.

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An important point to note here is that the search feature is working. Currently only in the USA and Canadahowever, we can expect it to be available in other countries such as the UK, France, Germany and Australia soon.

How the Search Feature Works

With your Google Home, you can call anyone as much as you want. the contact is saved in Google Contacts. It also requires location permission for it to work, as you may have noticed during setup, so you can also search for any local business near you. For example, you could say: “Ok Google, search for nearest Starbucks” to bring you a good cup of coffee.

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Since all calls are made over WiFi, they will be different from calls you make with your smartphone. On the same note, call recipient won’t see any numbers on the screen when you call them. However, if you connect your Google Voice number to your Google Home, that number will be displayed.

While Google Home is second only to Amazon Echo in the race to bring voice search to smart speakers, it does offer a wider range of people you can call. With Amazon Echo, you can search for other Echo devices or people using the Alexa app. On the other hand, Google Home can call any of your Google contacts or any local business. Which one is better is up to personal preference. If you ask me, I prefer Google Home’s search feature because I can call more people.

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Make Phone Calls with Google Home

Now that you know how to make hands-free calls using your Google Home device, you can start your lazy game and call people by telling your smart speaker to do it. I’m very excited to see how this feature evolves over time. What about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.