How to Make GIF on iPhone?

Animated GIFs are what the internet is made of today. Now you can join the fun and create your own GIFs on your iPhone.

Many users think that creating animated GIFs requires special computer software and a lot of free time to create never-ending looping videos, but the ability to create animated GIFs has become easier and faster in the past few years, and it practically allows. everyone involved in the fun.

There are several iPhone apps on the iTunes App Store that allow you to quickly create animated GIFs from videos you record with your iPhone’s camera. One of the most popular options (and perhaps the best of the bunch) is an app called. 5SecondsApp. Strange name aside, the app is user-friendly enough that most users who want to create GIFs can do so right away.

What is GIF?

Maybe you’re new to the internet and not quite sure what a “GIF” is and that’s fine. We are here to help.

GIF is actually just an image file format, like .JPG or .PNG, but an “animated GIF” is essentially an animated image that loops a video that is several seconds long. The reason why most people refer to “animated GIFs” as just plain “GIFs” is because it’s the only image file format that supports motion pictures, so it’s easier to say “GIF”, but the .GIF file extension is just another file format like any other file format in existence. image file format.

GIFs can range in length from a few seconds to a minute, but the longer a GIF is, the larger the file size is usually, so it’s important to note how long it is and the resolution when creating your own GIFs. because those are the two big determining factors when it comes to file size.

File size matters because most image hosting services have a maximum on how large a single image can be. imgurOne of the most popular image hosting services on the internet, it boosts GIFs to 5MB per track, and an Imgur Pro account goes up to 10MB if you want to pay for the privilege.

How to Create Your Own GIFs on iPhone

Start by going to the App Store and install 5SecondsApp. It’s a completely free app to use, but includes a $1.99 in-app purchase that removes ads and lets you create longer GIFs. The free version will max you out at 10 seconds, but that’s already long enough for most GIFs.

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Before you open the app and start creating, you’ll want to record a video first. Then, after completing this process, install the app and tap the movie camera in the upper left corner and then select .

2014-08-08 16.10.01

Browse for the video you recorded and then tap to open it in the GIF creator app. Most likely, you’ll get a popup saying your video is “too long to post”, so you need to shorten the video. You can mostly ignore this message as you’ll be shortening your video anyway.

2014-08-13 14.18.53

To adjust the length of the video and the part you want to be the animated GIF, touch and hold the arrows at the top and then drag left and right to shorten or lengthen the clip. The left arrow will set when the GIF will start and the right arrow will set when the GIF will end.

2014-08-13 14.21.02

Once you’ve adjusted the clip to your liking, you can click the Play icon at the bottom to preview how your GIF will look. If you are satisfied, tap Select and the app will convert the clip into an animated GIF and save it in the app’s library.

2014-08-13 14.25.03

From here you can add filters and text, crop the GIF and even share it with your friends by texting someone or sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. While iPhone doesn’t support GIFs for viewing in the default Photos app, you can of course save them to your Camera Roll.

2014-08-13 14.26.34

That is all! 5SecondsApp is a nifty little tool for your iPhone that you can use when you’re in the mood to create the perfect GIF.

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