How to Lower Your AT&T Bill

No matter how big your AT&T bill is, you probably think you’re paying too much for your AT&T cell phone bill. We’re going to share five tips to lower your AT&T cell phone bill without going to a low-cost carrier or living without enough data.

The average cost of an AT&T bill is $141 per month, according to the Cowen and Company report, and with fees increasing and rates changing each month, chances are high that your AT&T bill is too high.

You don’t need to spend a day yelling at an AT&T rep to save money on your cell phone bill. Here are 5 things you need to do today to save money on your AT&T cell phone bill without making major changes to the way you use your iPhone or Android.

With new AT&T Unlimited data plans and more competitive pricing, you can pay AT&T less each month without changing the way you use your phone.

Here are five ways to lower your AT&T bill.

Find the Right AT&T Plan

If you’re still on the plan you signed up for years ago, you’ll need to research your usage and see if you need to drop your old unlimited data or your old plan to switch to a new plan. There is a wide variety of plans available, including Mobile Share Advantage plans and the new Unlimited plans.

Most AT&T plans include a free personal hotspot feature that lets you share your phone’s internet connection with a laptop or tablet, but

Not everyone should give up their old unlimited data or switch from a legacy plan to an AT&T Mobile Sharing Advantage plan, but if you’re paying for more data, minutes, or texts than you need, you’re likely to overpay.

If you don’t want to do the comparison yourself online, call an AT&T store or stop and ask what you can do to lower your AT&T bill. You can spend an afternoon or evening making changes, but remember that even a $10 to $20 change per bill is $120 to $240 a year later.

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When you’re online, you can compare your current plan with other plans and see your current plan price (over 3 months to include overdrafts) and the new plan, as well as your annual cost savings.

Upgrading from the old single-phone 20GB monthly plan to the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan is almost enough to buy a new iPhone.

Control Data Usage

Manage your data usage to save on your AT&T bill.

Manage your data usage to save on your AT&T bill.

The fastest way to lower your AT&T bill is to use less data and avoid redundancies.

If you’re streaming music, see if there’s an option to save your favorite playlists to your phone to save data usage.

Make sure you always connect to WiFi whenever possible. This will save significant data usage throughout the month.

Use the built-in tools on iPhone and Android to see how much data each app is using and to control those apps or limit them to WiFi.

Make sure you get alerts when your data usage is too high so you can tell if it’s cheaper to upgrade to a higher data plan or pay a surcharge for that month.

by AT&T Stream Saver This lowers the quality of the streamed video to help us save data. This can help you continue watching mobile video without using too much data.

Smart data usage decisions can help you forgo at least one data plan for most of the year and significantly lower your AT&T bill.

You can change data plans in a Mobile Share online at any time without affecting your contract. AT&T often offers promotional data rates that save even more. You can lock them to save in the long run. You will lose this rate if you decide to switch, so be sure to compare all details before approving changes.

Trim AT&T Features You No Longer Use

How to Deduct AT&T Bill - 4Did you add an international data plan for a trip you took last summer or are you still paying for the callback tones and child tracking features on your AT&T bill?

Check your bill every few months to see if you can leave features you no longer need. If you are paying for a special feature or service, you should spend 10 minutes to see if there is a cheaper or free app solution.

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This is even more important now as many new AT&T plans include unlimited calling and texting in Canada and Mexico at no additional cost, as well as International messaging to over 120 countries.

If you only use a feature occasionally, be sure to turn it off when you don’t need it.

Share with your family

Share your account with your friends or family.

Share your account with your friends or family.

The fastest way to lower your AT&T bill is to use a family plan that includes more than your immediate family, or to join a family if you’re single.

A single smartphone with 3GB of data on AT&T costs $60 per month. Add a second line and 3GB of additional data and the price is $100 per month. It’s $20 cheaper than going separately.

If you can attend with friends or a larger family that you trust will pay on time and regularly, this is an excellent way to save money. This works especially well for keeping parents or grandparents connected at a reasonable rate.

Check Discounts

Don't miss the current discounts.

Don’t miss the current discounts.

AT&T offers discounts to employees and military members of many companies. You can significantly save money on your bill without changing any features in your plan.

Enter your work email to check for AT&T employee discounts. AT&T business center. This includes businesses large and small, government employees, and college and university faculty and staff. The discount varies by employer. If you don’t have a work email, you can also ask at a local store.

Military members, Department of Defense employees, and veterans can get 15% off AT&T wireless service. Vets must go to a local AT&T store with DD form 214, AmVets membership card, or Veteran ID card to enroll and provide FAN code 4085530. check out more Details about this option To lower your AT&T bill.

You can link your AT&T wireless account to your DirecTV account and save up to $25 a month on your TV.

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