How to Lock iPad to One App for Kids Mode

iOS 6 includes a new feature that lets parents lock the iPad to a single app so kids can’t open other apps, post to Facebook, or delete apps from iPad.

iPad is a popular tablet given to kids for reading books, exploring virtual worlds, or just watching a show on Netflix, but it’s easy for kids to get into apps they shouldn’t or start uninstalling apps from iPad without the controls in place. .

The new iOS 6 software update includes Guided Access mode, which locks the iPad into a single app and allows certain areas of the screen or other features to be blocked while the iPad is locked. This can also be called Kids Mode for iPad.

This solution isn’t a perfect kid mode, but it’s much better than what we’ve seen on the iPad in the past. Until Apple releases controls like the Kindle Fire HD, that’s what we need to work on.

How to Lock iPad to One App

The video below shows you how to lock iPad into one app i.e. turn on Kids Mode for iPad. This works with any iPad running iOS 6 that disables the original iPad.

Once Guided Access is set up, users just have to triple-tap the home button to turn on Kids Mode for a particular app. The process works with any app and even allows parents to prevent certain areas of the screen from accepting touch input.

Open it on iPad.

Tap on it and scroll down to find it.

How do you lock iPad to a single app?

Tap on it.

On the Guided Access screen, set the switch to .

a child is unlikely to guess so there is no password “1111” here.

How to Lock iPad to One App - Kids Mode - 3

Guided Access allows users to lock iPad into one app for kids.

Now , or Kids Mode is ready to use.

Open the app you want to lock the iPad. After the application is opened. This has to be pretty fast.

From here, choose whether the child can use touch or gesture controls.

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It is also possible to lock certain areas of the screen from touch control. This is useful for blocking links to purchase items on Netflix or exit a particular movie.

iPad kids Mode - Netflix for kids

Lock a child in a specific app and disable tapping on the areas to keep them in a single episode of an app like Netflix for Kids.

Guided access is the perfect companion for: Netflix for kids. After opening the Netflix for Kids section of the new Netflix app, turn on guided access mode and prevent the top of the screen from accepting touch input. In the photo above, the top section of the Netflix app will no longer respond to touch. This means that kids can choose any Netflix movie for kids, but can’t jump to the home screen to watch R-rated movies.

This is not a perfect kid mod. gives the user full access to the iPad without a password. This is also a good way to exit Guided Access if it doesn’t recognize triple-tap.