How to Join the Madden 20 Beta

This guide will show you how to participate in the Madden 20 beta for PS4 and Xbox One starting June 14. This is a closed beta, so you can’t pre-order to get into Madden 20, but there are plenty of ways you can try to participate. We’ll show you where to look and how to get the Madden 20 beta code.

The Madden 20 release date for the special edition is July 30 and you can play early with EA Access, but you’ll want to make sure you find a way into Madden 20 if you want to be one of the first to play. beta.

EA announced the Madden 20 closed beta on EA Play over the weekend, and it launches next Friday for a weekend early access to the new QB1 Franchise mode and Madden Ultimate Team. You can play as one of four teams and test out the new Madden 20 features.

How to Join the Madden 20 Beta

How to get the Madden 20 beta code.

To participate in the Madden 20 beta, you need a Madden 20 beta code. These are available for PS4 or Xbox One. Try to get only one as the beta runs at a time and only lasts one weekend. If you were on EA Play, you could get one out there, but there’s still hope for everyone else.

Starting today, you can search for the code Madden 20 on Twitter and Twitch from June 10 to June 14. Follow @EAMaddenNFL Search Twitter for tweets with opportunities to participate in the beta.

You can also watch EAAddenNFL On Twitch, where EA distributes the codes until June 14. It’s unclear when they will distribute the codes, so you might want to enable notifications, at least temporarily.

check the codes on MUTHAD You can expect to see some kind of code statement this week.

Another place to check, Madden Ultimate Team subreddit This week you will see some posts distributing Madden 20 beta codes.

Finally, you can check the email associated with your EA account to see if you have received a Madden 20 closed beta code. EA is sending Madden 20 beta codes to linked accounts and players in the Madden Championship Series.

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They are the only official way to get Madden 20 closed beta codes. We can see some users start Selling Madden 20 beta codes on eBay when the presentation begins.

How to Download Madden 20 Beta

How to download Madden 20 beta on Xbox One or PS4?

How to download Madden 20 beta on Xbox One or PS4?

Once you get a Madden 20 beta code, you must redeem it on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. You can do this in your browser, in the app on your phone, or in your console.

on your PS4. and . To download the Madden 20 beta.

On Xbox, select then . and .

Your Madden 20 beta download will begin when it becomes available. We don’t know if there will be any preloads.

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