How to Install (Root) Note 8 Apps on Any Samsung Device

Recently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was announced. Samsung’s new Note device comes with lots of new features like Edge Lightning, Air Command, Live Messages and much more. It also brings some new updates to the In-Call UI, Samsung Keyboard, Gallery and other system apps. While these new apps sound great, they may not justify the $930 price tag. Well, don’t worry, because if you have a Samsung device running Android Nougat, you might be in luck. a developer at XDA has found a way to bring all the new Note 8 apps and features to any Samsung device. So if you’re interested in getting all these new features, read on as we bring it to your guide. How to install Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Apps on any Samsung device running Nougat:

Install Note 8 Apps on Your Samsung Device

note: The following method only works on Samsung devices running Android Nougat (7.0) or higher. Also, it requires a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM will be installed on your device, also root access. I tested the method on my Samsung Galaxy S7 running SuperStock ROM 7.0 and my Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 based Stock ROM and the method worked just fine.

  • To start, Download the flashable ZIP File containing Galaxy Note 8 apps hereto your device.

note: The link is to a download folder that will be updated periodically. Make sure you always download the latest version.

  • next, download Root Uninstaller (Free). open and give it root access.

  • After downloading Root Uninstaller, open it and Uninstall Samsung Browser/Internet and Samsung Calculator. After removing, restart your device to continue.

Uninstall Apps

  • After doing that, go to custom recovery on your device. From here, Flash the ZIP file you downloaded before.

TWRP Flash

  • And that’s it. After you finish flashing the ZIP file, reboot your device to enjoy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 apps on your Samsung Nougat Device. For example, I tried using the Live Messages feature on my device and it worked like this:

Live Messages Window

And here is the Live Message, which is then exported as a GIF:

Live Message using Live Message feature on Samsung Galaxy S8

In addition to Live Messages, many other features have also been movedincludes an updated Gallery, In-call UI, Calendar, Messenger, Browser, Clock and more. Also, the port brought Edge Lighting, which basically adds a colorful glow to the edges of your device when a notification arrives. The port also brings an updated fingerprint service that allows for faster fingerprint recognition. Additionally, users who own a Samsung Galaxy Note device running Android Nougat will also be able to take advantage of S-Pen-specific features such as Air Command, Air View, and more.

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Note 8 App Added

note: Although Air Command and other S Pen features are installed on both my S7 and S8, I couldn’t use it because my devices don’t support the S-Pen.

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Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Apps on Your Device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a ton of new features and updates. If you have a Samsung device rocking Android Nougat, the tutorial above should work well to help you experience the latest Samsung has to offer. Tell us about your favorite app on the Note 8 in the comments section below.