How to Install iOS 11.1 Beta

Here’s how to install iOS 11.1 beta, the newest version of iOS 11 beta. This is the newest version of iOS 11, which will likely ship with the iPhone X in November. You can test it on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 today.

You don’t need a computer to install iOS 11.1 beta, thanks to a special configuration profile that lets you install iOS 11.1 beta just like with a regular iOS update. Follow these steps to prepare for iOS 11.1 beta.

The iOS 11 release date arrived in September, and the iOS 11.1 beta arrived about a week later. We expect to see the iOS 11.1 release date closer to the iPhone X release in early November. Even if you don’t pay $99 to join the Apple Developer program, you can upgrade to the latest version of the software today.

There are two iOS 11 beta programs available to users. The first iOS 11.1 beta is coming to Apple Developers, and the second is to the public. iOS 11.1 beta

To use the iOS 11.1 beta coming today, you officially have to pay $99 to join the Apple Developer Program. If you want to join early but don’t have $99, you’ll need to find and download an iOS Developer Profile. This configuration profile allows you to install iOS 11.1 beta without having to specifically register your iPhone UDID with a developer account.

To participate in the public iOS 11.1 beta, you must: Visit Apple Beta program registration and sign in with your Apple ID. You can register and participate in the beta that will open later. If you are part of the public beta, you should get the iOS 11.1 beta in the near future.

iOS 11.1 Beta Downloads

No more searching for an iOS 11.1 download and making sure you have the right iOS 11.1 IPSW for your iPhone or iPad. Instead, simply download and install the iOS 11 Developer Profile to gain access. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will wirelessly initiate the iOS 11.1 download directly to your iPhone or iPad. This is a useful change that allows you to install the iOS 11 beta more easily.

How to Install iOS 11.1 Beta

This is what you need to do to install iOS 11.1 on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You will need to install the iOS 11 Developer Profile on your iPhone or iPad. If you pay to participate you can find it on the Developer pages. You can also download the iOS 11 configuration profile you need to install. apple betas.

Install iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone with Developer Profile.

Download and install the iOS 11 Developer Profile. If you download it to your computer, you need to AirDrop it or Email it to your phone. When you open the file on your iPhone or iPad, it will ask you to install the profile on the phone. You will need to enter your password. If prompted, choose to install it on your iPhone and not the Apple Watch.

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Wait for the iPhone to reboot. Go now. This will check the iOS 11 beta download and if available the download will start. To download iOS 11.1 you need to connect to WiFi and you will need at least 50% battery life.

Enter your passcode when prompted and wait for the iPhone or iPad to reboot. When it comes back, iOS 11.1 will upgrade to beta and you’ll be able to test new iOS 11 features.