How to Install iMessage Apps on iPhone

Learn how to install and use iMessage apps in iOS 10 and iOS 11. The free update adds support for a variety of iMessage apps, from stickers and shareable photos or videos to games you can play directly in the Message app for iPhone.

Apple offers an iMessage app App Store in iOS 10 that lets you search for iMessage apps, but this isn’t in the main App Store you’re used to. To complicate things further, iMessage apps are not automatically installed when you install the main app on your iPhone.

You must have iOS 10 on your iPhone to use iMessage apps, but you can send stickers and some of the other apps to contacts with iOS 9 or older.

How to Install iMessage Apps

This is how you can install iMessage Apps on your iPhone to start sending stickers, playing iMessage games and supercharging your messages.

How to install iMessage apps on iOS 10.

With iOS 10 installed, you need to do . It can be a new message or an existing message, it doesn’t matter.

in this post and then . .

To enter the iMessage App Store

Install IMessage apps from within Messages on iOS 10.

Install iMessage apps from within Messages on iOS 10.

From here you can tap or tap on the featured apps. To get started or Mario Run.

Once you find the iMessage app you want, install it.

How to Use iMessage Apps

After installing iMessage apps, you can start using them to send stickers and play games. For some of these apps to work, you may need to grant access to your camera and microphone.

How to use iMessage apps on iOS 10?

How to use iMessage apps on iOS 10?

and then . Now click or . to see recently used stickers.

In some of these apps, you can tap the up arrow in the bottom right to show the app full screen. You can tap to play a game or tap a search box to search for the photo or video you want to send.

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