How to Install Face Unlock on Android 4.0

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus has finally arrived, and that means Google’s latest mobile software, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has finally arrived for those of you living in the United States. The software brings with it quite a few new features and one of those features is something called Face Unlock which is an alternative to your regular password screen.

In the past, Android owners have used PIN numbers or swipes or patterns to protect their phones. But now you can use your own beautiful mug to unlock your Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Those of you with phones that can be upgraded to Android 4.0 will be able to use this feature when the software becomes available.

It’s quite a nifty feature, perhaps not the safest, but still stylish, and we’ll show you how to set it up on your Android 4.0 smartphone.

Everything in order. Go to on your device. It should look similar to what you see below. Once you’re there, you’ll want to choose.

You will now see a number of Security options. Choose .

Android 4.0

You will be brought to such a screen that presents you with various security options. Face Unlock is what you’re here for, so select .

Android 4.0

Google will then tell you that Face Unlock is now as secure as your other options. But isn’t that great? TRUE. Choose .

Android 4.0

You will now be taken to a screen with some tips on how to set up a photo of your face that will act as the unlock mechanism on your phone. Pay attention and choose.

Android 4.0

Then you will see your beautiful face thanks to the front camera of your device. If you have followed step 5, you will be taken to the following screen in a few seconds. It took me a try or two. hit .

Android 4.0

You will then be greeted with this screen. This screen is important because it will be your backup when Face Unlock is not working. It doesn’t happen often but it does, so choose wisely. The PIN is exactly what you think it is. You enter a numeric password and then use it to unlock your phone. The pattern is a familiar scrolling sequence.

Android 4.0

Assuming you have followed the instructions, this screen will appear. You should be proud. All it takes is these folks. Now you will be able to unlock your Android 4.0 smartphone with your beautiful face.

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Be careful to leave your phone with Doppelgangers.

Android 4.0

Oh, and .

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