How to Install AppImage Programs on Chromebook

If you’re new to Chromebook, I highly recommend installing Linux on Chrome OS. It allows you to use many desktop-class applications that are nowhere to be found in Chrome OS. The traditional way to install applications on Linux is Terminal, but in some cases developers also offer a portable AppImage installer. Popular Linux apps like Krita and Shotcut come in the AppImage package and are super useful. You just need to double click the AppImage file and the program will start working. How cool? So, if you want to install AppImage programs on Chromebook, just follow this guide; everything will be ready.

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

There are two ways to run AppImage programs on a Chromebook. You can use a Linux file manager or use Terminal to run the program. this the first method is a bit long but very convenient after installing everything once. But the second method is a quick way to run AppImage programs, but you will have to fiddle with the commands. Anyway, here I show both methods so you can easily choose one.

  • Using the Linux File Manager

1. There are many file managers for Linux, but I recommend Nautilus. It’s simple and works pretty well. First, install the Nautilus file manager by running the following command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install nautilus

2. After doing that, open the Chrome OS launcher and Search for the Linux applications folder. It is usually found on the first page. Now open the “Files” app. This is the Nautilus file manager we just installed.

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

3. Then download AppImage and Move it to the “Linux files” section. You can do this from the default “Files” app of Chrome OS.

files app

4. Now open the Linux files application (Nautilus) and right-click the AppImage program. Later on, Click “Properties”.


5. Go to the “Permissions” tab and Enable the “Execute” checkbox. Now the AppImage program is ready to be executed.


6. Finally, Double click the AppImage program and there you go. The AppImage program works the same on a Chromebook. You no longer need to do all these steps. Just double click and the program will open. Follow the instructions in step 3 for new programs.

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

  • Using the Linux Terminal

1. If you want to quickly run an AppImage program on a Chromebook, the best way to do it is from the Linux Terminal. First of all, program AppImage ““Linux files” section Using the Files app.

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files app

2. Next, copy whole name the file containing .AppImage addition. You can also rename it to a shorter name so you can type it easily in Terminal.

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

3. Now, open the Linux Terminal and medicine chmod a+x. Then leave a space and paste the filename you copied above. It will look something like this. Now hit enter and it will make the program executable. Note that it will output nothing.

chmod a+x Shotcut-200412.glibc2.14-x86_64.AppImage

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

4. After doing this enter now ./ and paste the program name again without spaces. Here’s how it will look.


Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

5. Finally, hit enter and AppImage will run instantly on Chromebook. From now on, you will have to just repeat step 4 to run the program. For new programs though, you will need to make it executable first by following step 3.

Run AppImage Programs on Chromebook

How to Use AppImage Programs on a Chromebook

This is how you can install AppImage programs on a Chromebook. We have presented two methods and both are easy and straightforward. However, if you don’t know Terminal well, the first method would be my recommendation. Anyway, that’s it for us. If you want to discover the best Linux apps for Chromebook, check out the linked article. You can also click the link to learn more Chrome OS tips and tricks.