How to Install Android Apps on Chromebook

Now that Google has updated ChromeOS to include the Google Play Store, Chromebook users can install Android apps on their computers. Previously, users had to hack things or wait for developers to customize Android apps for use on a Chromebook, but earlier this year Google announced that it would put the Google Play Store on ChromeOS.

We will show users how to install Android apps on Chromebook if Chromebooks support it. This will include the transition from the stable release channel of ChromeOS to the developer channel. This means users will start running a version of ChromeOS which may contain some glitches and bugs. However, it also offers new features that are not available to most users, such as the Google Play Store. If you’re using your Chromebook for work or school and can’t afford the bugs and glitches, you should wait for Google to make it available on your Chromebook.

asus chromebook flip

Google started with the ASUS Chromebook Flip. The Google Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook R11 received it in mid-July next. The rest of most modern Chromebooks made last year will eventually get it. If your Chromebook can run build number 53.0.2768.0 which is the first version that includes Play Store, you can follow the steps below to get it early.

How do you know yours will work? Here is the list of supported devices now will get the Google Play Store this year. Unfortunately, this list is only for those who can run the Google Play Store on the stable ChromeOS build. More Chromebooks will let you install Android apps if you run ChromeOS in beta or developer versions. The list of Chromebooks that support the Google Play Store in developer or beta channels changes rapidly. Go to: Google+ Chromebooks community To find out if your Chromebook supports Android apps

How to Install Android Apps on Chromebook

chromebook settings

Go to the ChromeOS settings by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen at the right end of the shelf. The Google account will look like your avatar. Then click on it (see above).

about the chrome operating system chromebook settings

There is a link at the top of the window that opens. Click. Look for a link that says in the middle of the combo box. The box expands and shows a button that says

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chromebook more info settings

Click it and then click on it and then click the button that appears asking you to reboot the system. The computer will reboot and the update will be installed.

developer channel - undecided

Once the computer restarts, sign in and the Google Play Store opens and prompts the user to accept the user agreement.

google play store contract

Click the button and then click on the next screen. Google Play Store asks you to accept another agreement. Click . Google Play Store now works on your Chromebook.

microsoft excel for android

To install apps, find the app you want to install. For example, we will install Microsoft Excel. Search for it in the search box. The app will appear in an app grid that the search found. Click on the app’s thumbnail and then click the button. The application will be installed. Once complete, click on it to run it for the first time.

chromebook launcher android apps

Android apps you install on a Chromebook appear in the Launcher. Click the search icon at the left end of the ChromeOS Shelf. You can search for the app title or click the All Apps box. This will open another box with all the Chrome Web Apps and Android Apps you have installed on the device. Most likely Android apps will appear on the far right screen. Click on the rightmost blue line below the box of app icons or use the arrow keys to scroll right.

pin to shelf in chromeos

If you want faster access to Android apps you have installed on the Chromebook, right-click an app icon and select Pin to Shelf from the pop-up menu.

How Well Do Android Apps Work on a Chromebook?

Most of the Android apps I’ve installed on my Chromebook so far work fine. One of my apps is a book viewer and it allows me to view two different books at the same time. The control that opens the split screen view is located in the lower right corner. The ChromeOS Shelf covers this control and I had to set it to Auto-Hide for the Shelf to disappear.

Broken android sharing feature on ChromeOS

Share feature not working properly in an app. I tapped the share button and a button appeared. I usually tap this button and it gives me a list of apps I can use to share the photo. On a Chromebook, the Share via feature won’t do anything because it doesn’t work on ChromeOS.

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Other than these two minor issues, all ChromeOS apps I have installed work fine. It opens a new world to Chromebook users.