How to Install and Run Call of Duty Mobile on Any Android Phone

Call of Duty Mobile opened beta access in India a few days ago and so far the game looks pretty amazing. However, you may not have received access to the game from the Play Store yet, as the developers only offer access invitations to some people at a time. It happened to me too. However, if you really want to try the game, you can do so quite easily. Here’s how to install and play Call of Duty Mobile on any Android phone.

Install Call of Duty Mobile on Any Android Phone

Installing the CoD game on your phone is actually quite an easy task. There is not much to do, but for the sake of clarity I will explain everything in detail.

  • First, download Call of Duty Mobile APK from APK Mirror.
  • Next, go to: this linkand download the ZIP file. This is the OBB file you need to run the game on your phone.
  • After downloading both files, open the ZIP file you downloaded in the last step and extract the folder to the “Android/obb” folder using the file manager of your choice. I used Solid File Explorer for this, but the default File Manager might work too if it supports opening files.
  • Install the Call of Duty Mobile APK you downloaded in the first step.

You can now run the game on your phone. You can either log in with your Facebook account or play the game as a guest.

Note: Keep in mind that the game is in beta and all your progress in the game will be wiped when the game actually starts, so don’t get too hung up on what you unlock in the game.

If you are in a country where the beta has not yet been released, you can use a VPN app and VPN to India to run the game. I haven’t tried this method as the beta is released in India and I can run it on my phone by default, but using a VPN is your best bet for running the game outside of India.

Play Call of Duty Mobile Now

That’s it, you can follow these steps to install and play Call of Duty Mobile on your Android smartphone without having to wait for the developers to offer beta access for your account. Note that sometimes you may encounter network errors and because the game is in beta, servers can be taken offline for regular maintenance (this actually happened two days ago), so be patient. Also, let us know if the game works for you with a VPN outside of India and how your experience with the game has been so far.

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