How to Increase Font Size on Galaxy Note 3?

Changing the font size on your Android smartphone is nothing new, but having a device as big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.7-inch display makes this option even more valuable. For most, the Note 3 is the perfect device because just like my parents, who both own the Note 2, the larger screen won’t strain aging eyes any more, and you’ll be happy to know you can make it even better by increasing the font. dimension.

On a device with a screen this big, you’ll almost want to increase the font size, if someone has poor vision and prefers a device of this size, naturally you’ll want to enlarge the font anyway. Below are a few simple pictures and instructions on how you can do this on most Android devices and all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Oh, and you can also change the style if you want.

As you can see above, the default font size is set to small, which is a pretty balanced size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but you’ll be able to make it very small or completely large if you need to. Changing the font on your Android smartphone has always been easy and with Samsung there are two different ways that are extremely simple and detailed below.

How to Increase Font Size on Galaxy Note 3?

Increasing the font size can be done in two different ways with the Galaxy Note 3 and most Samsung Galaxy smartphones and both are in the same settings menu on the device. You’ll want to start by tapping the menu button on your device (to the left of the home button) and selecting system settings. That or you just need to open the app tray and find the gear-shaped Settings icon.

From here you will see 4 Tabs at the top of the screen. With the Galaxy Note 3 you will want to select “Device” to go to device settings. At this point you will be able to scroll down and find the “Font” option or the “Accessibility” section. Both will perform the same task. Tapping on Font as you can see in the image above will take you to a new menu with Font Style and Font Size. Here you can enlarge the font with the size chart shown in our image. This is also where you can change up the style if you want something a little more stylish.

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Menu > Settings > Device > Font (or Accessibility) Font Size > and select your preferred size


Then, for those with visual impairments, Samsung has the same option and more in the Accessibility menu. You’ll get here with the same instructions above. Using Settings and go to the device tab, then Accessibility. Here you will be able to increase the font as above, but enable motion to enlarge the text as needed, not to mention setting the colors to negative for the visually impaired.

Samsung also has color adjustment options and tons of text-to-speech features that will provide an audible explanation for those less than stellar vision.

Should You Do This?

Frankly, this part of the post is self explanatory. There is no opinion that matters here, as it is an environment based entirely on personal needs. If you need a larger font, we’ll help you. It’s that simple. Just go to settings and change font under device tab; You will soon have a larger font for easy reading. Samsung also offers options to improve readability by increasing the brightness of text in the same “font” section for those who still have trouble reading on their smartphones.

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