How to Hide Your Hidden Photos in Apple Photos App on iPhone?

Despite claiming to be a privacy-centric platform, iOS (ironically) lacked a better tool to hide photos and videos. You can hide your footage by adding it to the hidden album, but the album is easily accessible from the Albums tab. This defeats the entire purpose of hiding your images. Better than nothing, Apple has finally introduced a convenient way to hide hidden album in Photos in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Here’s how you can hide photos from the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

Show/Hide Hidden Album in Photos App

While I am quite happy with the improved functionality to hide hidden album on iPhone and iPad, there is still one point to keep in mind.

So, What Is The Catch Now?

When you hide the hidden folder on your iOS 14 device, it disappears from the Photos app. But note that the hidden album is always available in the image picker. It is made to ensure that you can access your personal pictures from other apps without any pain.

Another disadvantage is that the setting to hide and show pictures is not behind a password. So, if anyone knows how to disable obfuscation, they can do it without a problem. That said, it’s a good first step towards improving the security of your photos.

1. Start Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now scroll down and Photos.

Select the photo option

3. Then turn off the switch right next to it. Hidden Album.

Hide Private Album in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

That is all! You have successfully hidden the Hidden album on your iOS/ipados device. As mentioned above, Photos on iPad will no longer appear in the Albums tab in the sidebar and in the Utilities section. However, it will always appear in the image picker.

If you want to show the hidden album in the Photos app, simply enable the toggle again.

Hide Your Personal Photos on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can keep your secret album private. While it may seem like a minor feature to many, it can be a notable feature for people (like me) who always prefer to have a better privacy shield for personal things.

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Apart from that, iOS has a number of notable privacy-centric features such as disabling tracking, restricting apps’ access to local network, and preventing apps from accessing your exact location. Read the articles by clicking on the links and share your views with us in the comments below.

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