How to Hide “Running in Background” Notification on Android Oreo

Android Oreo, Google’s latest update to the Android operating system, brings many new features. While most of these features were welcomed by the Android community, some received quite mixed reactions. One such feature is the persistent “App is running in the background” notification. Introduced with the idea of ​​informing the user of what all apps are running in the background that could potentially drain a lot of battery, the notification itself is pretty annoying. Naturally, there is no way to disable or hide it. But fret not, because if the same notification bothers you, continue reading as we showed you. How to easily hide the “running in the background” notification:

Easily Hide “Running in Background” Notification

note: I tried the following method on my Nexus 5X and Google Pixel running Android 8.0 Oreo and it worked just fine. The apps I tested for this purpose were: twilight and Final Passboth their notifications were hidden after the course of this method.

  • To get started, download and install Hide Notification app “running in background” (Free) on your device. Yes, that’s the name of the app.

  • After downloading the app, open it. Grant notification access.

Grant Notification Access

  • And that’s it. For any app running in the background, notification will no longer be shown.

    Background Run Notifications Hide
    Before (left) and after (right) LastPass’s “Running in the background” notification

As you can see, on Android Oreo devices you can install the app and remove the persistent notification “running in the background”. Although there is a way to hide this notification using Tasker, it is quite complex and time consuming. Therefore, it will be better for you to install the application.

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Hide “Running in Background” Persistent Notification

While Android Oreo is definitely one of the most advanced Android operating systems to date, some new features are quite annoying. The “running in the background” notification may seem helpful to some users, but for most of the Android community, persistent notification is an unwanted feature. Fortunately, you can now easily hide this notification using the aforementioned app. Tell us about your experience with this notification and why you chose to hide it in the comments section below.

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