How to Hide Newsstand in a Folder on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users who don’t want to see the Newsstand app icon on their iOS 6 device can hide Newsstand in a folder without jailbreaking their device.

There’s still no way to delete Newsstand without jailbreaking the iPhone, but it’s possible to hide it with StifleStand, the new desktop app from Cydia developer Filippo Bigarella.

To the dismay of many users, Apple introduced Newsstand, a new way to regularly follow digital magazines and newspapers in iOS 5. Since the newspaper holder acts as a folder, it cannot be placed in a folder, leaving many iOS users with a useless app that takes up valuable space on their home screen.

Users need Download StifleStand from Bigarella’s website. It is available for both OS X and Windows users.

After downloading the app, users need to plug in their iOS device and run the app. The app will automatically recognize the stuck iPhone. Once the app recognizes the iPhone or iPad, simply click the single button that says “Hide Newsstand”.

Stifle Newsstand will then place the Newsstand in its own folder titled “Magic”. The folder will appear empty with a small square of colorless pixels in the upper left corner. When the folder is opened, the Newsstand application appears.

Newsstand folder magic

Users can move other apps to the “Magic” folder and rename them as they wish. Removing the Newsstand from the folder reverses the process and users will have to use the StifleStand again to put it in a new folder.

Newsstand folder

When it gets inside a folder trying to open Newsstand, it crashes Springboard (the app that controls the home screen) and causes it to restart. It does not break the iPhone or iPad, but annoys users. Do not use this number if you have any publications in the newsstand.

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