How to Hide Frequently Visited Sites in Safari on iOS 9

If you’re not a fan of how Safari shows which websites you’ve visited most recently on the main Safari page, here’s how to hide frequently visited sites in Safari in iOS 9.

iOS 9 was released last week, and it has the same overall look and feel as iOS 8, but comes with a handful of new features like Siri improvements, new Spotlight Search capabilities, and new multitasking functionality on the iPad.

There are also a few minor features in iOS 9, including lowercase keys on the keyboard, the ability to move the cursor by swiping on the screen, and hide frequently visited websites in Safari.

Frequently visited websites appear on the main Safari page after your iPhone or iPad detects that you have been visiting these sites regularly for several days. Having them appear on the homepage makes it easy to return to these websites without having to enter the URL each time.

However, if you’re like me and you’ve already bookmarked or favorited your most frequently visited websites, there’s really no need for your frequently visited websites to reappear in Safari.

The good news is that Apple heard you loud and clear, and in iOS 9, users can now hide this section in Safari on their iPhone or iPad.

Here’s how to hide frequently visited sites in Safari on iOS 9.

How to Hide Frequently Visited Sites in iOS 9

If you can believe it, jailbreakers running on older versions of iOS were able to hide frequently visited sites in Safari using a simple tweak, and Apple was famous for incorporating these ideas into iOS and making them the default features.

Fortunately, hiding frequently visited sites was a feature the company thought users would enjoy, and it’s now available in iOS 9.

To hide frequently visited sites in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, simply navigate to the list and find the list. From there, tap the toggle switch next to it to turn it off.


That is all! From now on, the main Safari page will only show you the websites you have added to your Favorites.

If you want to edit the sites that appear in your favourites, it’s pretty easy to do too.

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Just tap the Bookmarks icon in the toolbar and then select . You’ll see a list of websites you’ve saved to your favourites, and all you have to do is tap Edit at the bottom, then tap the red circle and press . This will remove that website from your Favorites and it will no longer appear on the main Safari page.


However, if you still want to save a website for quick access but don’t want to add it to Favorites, you can save it as a Bookmark instead.

Go to the website you want to bookmark, and then go to the Share button in the upper right corner. The arrow is the one pointing up and sticking out of a square.

A smaller window will open and you will see a button that says with a book image. Select this button and then you can edit the name of the site and change it the way you want it to appear in your Bookmarks.


Also note the location of the bookmark as it will be by default. Tap on that and select it instead.

Hit save and you’re ready. The website will appear in your Bookmarks but not on the main Safari page.

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