How to Hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPhone and Android

Do not misunderstand me! Chrome remains my favorite web browser across platforms (macOS to Windows and iOS to Android), but there are some things like “Article suggestions” that often force me to look for Chrome alternatives. Every time I open a new tab, too many suggested articles seem to mess up the whole interface. While some of the suggested stories caught my attention, most of them seem redundant. That’s exactly what led me to discover a way to hide Chrome’s suggested articles on iPhone and Android. Also, if you prefer to have a clean tab, jump right in as I show you how to easily disable article suggestions in Chrome.

Hide Chrome Suggested Articles on iPhone and Android

Chrome provides a fairly simple way to turn off article suggestions on iOS (and iPadOS) devices. But surprisingly, the web browser doesn’t offer a native feature to disable this feature on Android devices – for a reason Google knows best. However, you don’t need to be disappointed as it’s a simple workaround to cross the line. After trying this hack on my Android device, I can vouch for its reliability. He said let’s go!

Disable Article Suggestions in Chrome on iOS and iPadOS

  1. Hungry Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap now. three horizontal dots select from the bottom of the screen and Settings on the menu.

Tap Settings in Chrome

3. Next, turn off the switch. Article Suggestions. Then, make sure to tap on it. Completed top right to finish.

Disable Article Suggestions in Chrome

Turn off Chrome Article Suggestions Using Chrome Flags on Android

Chrome flags are known to solve quite a few riddles. And guess what, they lived up to the mark to remove suggested stories as well.

  1. Open Chrome app On your Android device then type chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit Return/Go.

Open the Chrome app on your device

2. Write now #enable-ntp-remote suggestions enter the search bar and press the Return key again.

Disable article suggestions in Chrome

3. Next, tap on it. Drop down menu located under Show Server Side Suggestions and Select Disabled.

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Select Disable in Chrome Flags

4. Finally, tap on it. Restart Now to apply the changes. Chrome will restart to apply the changes instantly. In the future, every time you open the app, these unwanted articles will no longer be everywhere (as you can see in the image below).

Disabled article suggestions in Chrome on Android

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Hide Chrome’s Unwanted Articles…

This is an easy way to deal with Chrome’s suggested articles and prevent them from cluttering the whole interface. Like many of you, I’m wondering why Google doesn’t offer a simple way to disable this feature in the Android version of the app. I hope the search giant finds the truth sooner or later. By the way, do you have any feedback for us? Hit it up in the comments below.

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