How to have all your user accounts in one app?

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts application runs as a parallel environment on your Android device. It does not require rooting your smartphone and is completely free. It requires an Android 4.0+ system to be installed and weighs only 2MB.

What does it matter?

There may be several reasons that may lead you to use an application very economically:

  • You have a large professional network on Twitter or Facebook and you don’t want to “mix” your professional connections with those in your daily circle (friends, family, etc.). Multi account is great for separating them.
  • You play Android games on your smartphone or tablet and have a single device for multiple people in your home. Multi-account allows you to connect several player accounts and you can easily “switch” from one to the other.
  • You lead a double life on the Internet and social networks (yes, you do). Don’t bother connecting/reconnecting 20 times a day between your different accounts. Easily access them all from one app.

First launch of the app

Download the app to get started.

cfcurrent google play store

After downloading, open it and swipe the screen from right to left to skip the intro.

login parallel space android app

The app then suggests you start by configuring a new account (Facebook for our tutorial). Press “+” continue later ” Facebook “ like this.

how to use multiple accounts on android

Then you are informed that it is undoubtedly necessary to also add Messenger app to parallel space to keep Facebook working properly. press on ” Add “ to continue and then at the Facebook logo when the installation is complete.

how to link multiple accounts in android app

Follow the steps and enter your secondary account username and password. You are presented with an option that allows you to connect with a simple gesture. You are free to skip this step or not.

Use accounts simultaneously in an Android app

Once your new Facebook account is set up, you can create a shortcut on your home screen.

Press and hold the Facebook logo, then swipe “Create shortcut” in the lower left corner of the screen.

multiple accounts in one android app

Then you can add an additional account to the parallel space for Twitter, Tumblr or any other application such as the very popular WhatsApp, which can also be used and installed on a tablet.

Application settings

Menu “Configuration” It also offers an option to automatically add a shortcut to your home screen when adding an account. Just activate the button “Auto generation”.

using multiple accounts in an android app

As you can see, the shortcuts of the applications configured in the parallel area are available on my desktop and you can easily identify them as you follow them with standard logos. “+” after the app name.

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Choice “Slipping into Parallel Space” Once enabled, you can quickly access the app interface from your Android launcher by swiping your finger wherever you are:

  • From the bottom two corners of the screen (Left Base and Right Base)
  • From the bottom left corner of the screen to the opposite direction (Base Left)
  • From the bottom right corner of the screen from bottom to top (Base Right)
using multiple accounts in an Android app

“Create shortcut” adds a shortcut to your home screen as a folder containing all your apps that you have added to your parallel space. Section “Comment” (located on the app’s home page) is reserved for reporting any malfunctions of the app to the latter’s developer.

use all your accounts in one android app

All the adding, deleting or configuring methods described above are pretty much the same for any app you want to add in Parallel Space-Multi Accounts.


This is one of the other apps we would like to see more of on the Google Play Store. A pleasing and intuitive operation as well as visually stunning will surely please more than the two of you the developers of flagship apps like SnapChat or WhatsApp, which some time ago already had 700 million active users. to a potential official multi-account support.

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