How to Group Notifications by App in iOS 10

One of the biggest annoyances in iOS 10 was that Apple removed notification grouping on a per-app basis. In iOS 9, we made a small toggle to group notifications by app. Come iOS 10, the switch has been thrown and notifications have become a real mess. Users quite angry every notification now covers a new entry in the list, so it leaves the notifications panel cluttered, making it hard to find the actual notification you’re looking for. However, if your iOS 10 device is jailbroken, there is a new setting in iOS 10 that allows you to group notifications by app. other major iOS 10 annoyances. So, jailbreak users Here’s how to group notifications by app in iOS 10:

Install Unify from Cydia

  • Open Cydia search on your iPhone and To connect on the Search tab. Since this tweak is hosted on BigBoss repository and added by default in Cydia, you don’t need to add any other special resources.

  • Buy To connect (PayPal, $1.99) here and tap on it. To organise > To approve to start the download.


  • Now tap on “Restart SpringBoard“. Your device will restart in a few seconds and at this point Unify should be successfully installed.


Configuring Consolidation to Group Notifications in iOS 10

Once installed, you can configure Unify by going to: Settings > To connect.


I’ll walk you through some of the settings you can configure in Unify:

  • Notifications appear on both: Lock screen and Notification Center in iOS 10. You can optionally enable notification grouping on the lock screen or Notification Center.


  • Unify has another great feature—”Notification chaining“. If you receive messages from the same sender at a specified time interval (configurable), Unify can “chain” all messages into a single notification, separating them with dots.


  • There are a few more settings you can change, for example switch between notifications with a separator, hide rounded corners, and highlight the latest notifications per app. There is also an option sort notifications by app or time. All of these settings take effect immediately without the need to restart your iDevice.
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What Do Notifications Look Like With Unify Installed?

Enough talk! Now let’s see what notifications actually look like with Unify installed. On the left, you have your regular iOS 10 notifications, and on the right, here’s what the notifications look like with Unify installed (and chaining enabled):


Much cleaner, right? Say goodbye to messy notifications in iOS 10!

note: I tested Unify on my iPhone 6 running jailbroken iOS 10.2 and can confirm it works. It should also work on jailbroken iOS 10 devices. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s a good chance you have a conflicting tweak installed. In this case, take some time to find and remove the conflicting tweak. If all else fails, contact the developer and submit a bug report.

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Enable Notification Grouping by App in iOS 10 using Unify

I switched from Android to iOS and my first iPhone came with iOS 10. Coming from Android, I raged almost daily about Apple’s messy notification app on iOS. Truth be told, I almost cried with joy when I saw that there was a tweak in iOS that fixed messy notifications.

We hope Apple brings back grouped notifications in the next major version of iOS so it will be available to every iOS user out there. What do you think of the way notifications are handled on iOS?

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