How to Get the New Windows 11 Photos App Now!

Last week, Microsoft introduced the new Windows 11 Photos app with a cleaner user interface, enhanced functionality and much more. The company has now started rolling out the redesigned Photos app to Windows 11 Insiders. If you have the latest Insider build installed on your PC, here’s how to download and install the new Photos app on Windows 11 right now.

Install the Windows 11 Photos App on your PC

You can get the renewed Windows 11 Photos app from the Microsoft Store. We’ve included instructions to check for updates in the Microsoft Store. However, we’ve also included a nifty workaround to download and install the Photos app right now. It will come in handy if you don’t see the updated version in the Store yet. Having said that, let’s dive right in!

Check for Photos App Update in Microsoft Store

1. Open Microsoft Store and Go to the library section from the left sidebar. In the lower left corner of the sidebar of the store, you will find the Library icon.

2. From the library section, Click the ‘Get updates’ button in the upper right corner of the screen. Microsoft Store will now check for pending updates of the apps you have installed on your PC.

get updates ms store

3. Download the update for Microsoft Photos; After the update is complete, you will see the refreshed version on your Windows 11 PC.

photo update

Download and Install Windows 11 Photos App Now!

If you don’t see the update in the Microsoft Store, you can manually install the Photos app bundle right now. Developer Gustave Monce (popularly known for installing Windows 11 on Lumia devices) link of application package. Although the extracted link is no longer working, the folks at Deskmodder mirrored the file and you Download from HiDrive.

1. After downloading the .appxbundle file, all you have to do is double click the package To install the new Photos app on your Windows 11 PC.


2. When a pop-up window appears, Click ‘Install’ To install the Windows 11 Photos app. In this case, it shows ‘Reload’ since Microsoft started rolling out an update that brings back the old Photos UI. If you sideload the new Photos app, you should consider skipping updates for a while until Microsoft makes the new version widely available to all Insiders.

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Upload windows 11 photos

3. After the installation is complete, click ‘Start’ to open the redesigned Photos app. You can now use the revamped Photos app designed for Windows 11.

Windows 11 Photos App: Overview and First Impressions

windows 11 photos

The revamped Photos app seen in Windows 11 focuses primarily on visual upgrades. As you’d expect, Microsoft rounded corners added To the Photos app. At the top you will find special categories including Collection, Albums, People, Folders and Video Editor. When you open an image you get a new floating toolbar for quick controls.

Windows 11 photo UI

Microsoft has moved the Info panel of images to the right and you can access it by clicking the ‘i’ icon in the floating toolbar.

new info panel photos

Another new change is the ability to quickly compare images. Select multiple images from the thumbnail previews below and you’ll see a side-by-side comparison. You can do select multiple images to compare here, but the ideal experience is when you’re only viewing two images.

select and compare photos

Other than that, there aren’t many feature additions to the Photos app with this upgrade. That said, the overall experience has been polished and is easier to apply and visually pleasing to use. If you want advanced image editing features, you should look into some of the best third-party photo editing software.

Try Windows 11 Photos App Now

Which brings us to the end of this article. While Windows 11 offers useful features like focus sessions to boost your productivity, you can choose to remove unwanted Start menu suggestions and disable suggested notifications in Microsoft’s next-gen OS. If you are planning to upgrade your Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, check the best Windows 11 features and features removed in Windows 11 before making a decision. Also, let us know about your experience with the new Photos app in the comment section below.

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