How to Get OS X Mavericks Beta Right Now

If you can’t wait for the OS X Mavericks release date later this year, you can dive into the Mavericks beta, better known as the developer preview.

OS X Mavericks beta introduces several minor changes, including better multi-monitor support, tagging for system files, and system-wide improvements that should improve battery life.

OS X Mavericks should run on any computer running OS X Mountain Lion, so there are many machines where users can try Mavericks Developer Preview.

Apple only offers the OS X Mavericks beta to registered developers, but unlike the iOS 7 beta, it doesn’t have to register a UDID or other device ID with Apple for it to work.

Apple is making the OS X Mavericks Beta download available to developers.

Where to Get OS X Mavericks Beta Access

The only way to officially try the OS X Mavericks beta is to become a registered Apple developer. By signing up as an OS X developer, users gain access to the OS X Mavericks beta and other developer resources. Users must pay a separate fee to participate in the OS X Developer Program, not included in the IOS Developer Program.

After registration OS X Developer programusers can download a code from the Mac App Store that allows them to download OS X Mavericks.

There are other sources for downloading the OS X Mavericks beta, but these unofficial sources do not void the software agreement with Apple. If that’s not something you care about, these are easy enough to find and currently require no registration or payment of $8.

How to Install OS X Mavericks Beta

Installing OS X Mavericks Beta is pretty simple and is like installing any major Apple OS X update. If any of these guidelines seem difficult or sound impossible, you may want to avoid running beta software at this time.

Sign up with 1.

2. Go to Mac Developer Center and scroll down until you get a code.

Install OS X Mavericks Beta on any machine that can run OS X Mountain Lion.

Install OS X Mavericks Beta on any machine that can run OS X Mountain Lion.

3. Click it and the Mac App Store will open. Download the OS X Mavericks Beta setup file. This will take some time as it runs at 4.97GB.

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4. When the file is downloaded .

Download the OS X Mavericks beta installer to get started.

Download the OS X Mavericks beta installer to get started.

5. will install the update over your existing OS X installation protection files.

6. When prompted to finish installing OS X Mavericks.

7. When opened, it will even open windows and applications that were running when the installation started. After the files are downloaded, the process takes about an hour or an hour and a half.

Users who want to do a fresh or clean install of OS X Mavericks can follow the steps in this video to make an OS X Mavericks USB Flash drive.

What You Should Know Before Installing OS X Mavericks Beta

OS X Mavericks Beta DownloadThe OS X Mavericks beta is not designed for use on your primary Apple computer, as it is a beta that may not run as smoothly as OS X Mountain Lion.

Users who only have one computer and do not have time for any downtime or errors should avoid installing the OS X Mavericks beta. The same is true for users with a business computer that does not belong to them, or users running mission-critical software.

Some apps may not work properly due to changes in API. The purpose of this preview is to give developers time to prepare before the release of OS X Mavericks, which will be released later this year.

The average user can wait a few months and buy OS X Mavericks for much less, probably around $20 when it hits the Mac App Store this fall.

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