How to Get New iOS 9.1 Emojis on Your Jailbroken iPhone

iOS 9.1 comes with loads of new emojis for users to enjoy. Here’s how to get the new iOS 9.1 emoji on your jailbroken iPhone.

iOS 9.1 was recently released with some bug fixes and performance improvements, but it also fixed the vulnerabilities used in the iOS 9 jailbreak, acknowledging iOS 9.1 as unbreakable. This means that those who want to jailbreak their devices will not be able to update to iOS 9.1.

This means that these users won’t be able to use the new emoji, which includes a ton of new designs, including the long-awaited infamous middle finger emoji.

Still, all hope is not lost as the jailbreaking community has once again come and saved the day. While jailbroken users can’t officially get the new emojis in iOS 9.0, there are some new jailbreak tweaks that bring the new emojis to the older iOS version on jailbroken devices.

So, if you’ve been wanting to give your friends the digital middle finger for a while, it’s finally possible to do so on a jailbroken device running iOS 9.0.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, here’s how to get the new iOS 9.1 emoji in iOS 9.0.

How to Get New iOS 9.1 Emojis

For a brief disclaimer, the jailbreak developer of the tweaks that allow you to get the new emojis on your jailbroken iPhone haven’t finished developing the tweaks yet, but at least they’re working so far.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some users have reported that they are experiencing issues with the new emoji popping up. Sometimes they appear as question marks in the text box. If you run into this issue, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to fix it other than wait for the tweak developer to update the tweaks for the new emoji to work properly.

Hopefully a better jailbreak tweak is released that will enable the new iOS 9.1 emoji more easily, but at this point, that’s all that’s available, so follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to the new iOS 9.1 emoji.

First go to Cydia and add a new repo to your repository list. You can do this by tapping the bottom tab, the top right corner, and then the top left corner. Type and add in the text box that opens. Wait for it to reinstall and return to Cydia.

Now, hit Search tab and search and install.

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Once that’s installed, go back to Cydia if you’re still not there and search for it and install it as well.


Once installed, exit Cydia and open the BytaFont 2 app you downloaded earlier. Tap the bottom tab, then select it from the list and then tap on it.


Restart your device if it didn’t do it automatically and then go back to Cydia. Search for the non beta version and install it. After that, you will reboot your device and you will be ready to go.


Just go to the Messages app and open the Emoji keyboard and search for the new emojis you want. You should see the middle finger emoji and 149 other new emojis available in iOS 9.1.

Again, if you select an emoji and it shows up as a question mark in the text box, this seems to be an issue for some users who have installed jailbreak tweaks, and it’s something the user cannot fix but rather has to do. Wait for the jailbreak developer to update the tweaks for emoji to work properly.

If that’s the case for you, be patient and we should see some updates for the tweaks in the near future.

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