How to Get MIUI 9 Themes on Your MIUI 8 Device

Recently, the developer beta of MIUI 9 update was released and it brought a ton of features and system improvements. However, the update also includes 3 new themes. Each of these new MIUI 9 themes brings out its own individuality and makes your Mi or Redmi device look amazing. Unfortunately, these themes are only officially available with MIUI 9 and Xiaomi has not made them available for MIUI 8. While the stable build of MIUI 9 is still a few months away, if you currently have a device that rocks the old MIUI. 8, but I can’t wait to get the MIUI 9 look, Here is how to get MIUI 9 themes on MIUI 8:

Get MIUI 9 Themes on MIUI 8

  • Download the ZIP file Containing MIUI 9 themes here. Extract it and transfer the files to your device.
  • Free download and install MIUI Theme Editor app from here. After downloading, open it.

  • After opening the Theme Editor app, tap on it. “Search” Press the button and browse to the downloaded folder containing the themes.

Choose Theme Browse

  • once there, choose theme you choose from the list of downloaded themes. You can choose from Color Fantasy, Cool Black and Limitless.

Theme Selection

  • After selecting the theme of your choice, you will return to the main screen of the MIUI Theme Editor. Tap on it “Start” to continue. Now Status Bar, App Icons etc. You will be presented with editing options. You can customize them if you want, otherwise just press the button. “Next”.

Launch and Edit Theme

  • You will now be greeted with the Export Theme page. Edit the theme name if you want, and then “Finish” Press the button to save the theme.


  • A checkbox will appear asking you to install the saved theme. Tap on it “OK”. After the theme is installed, tap on it. “OK” and exit the program.

Save Theme

  • Now, open Themes app on your device. From the home screen, tap on it. “Downloaded” Press the button to browse the installed themes. Select the theme you just installed from the list of themes that will appear later.

Theme Manager

  • A detailed information about the selected theme will now be displayed. tap on it “To apply” Press the button to apply the theme.

Theme Applied

Similarly, you can install all 3 MIUI 9 themes on your MIUI 8 device.

New MIUI 9 Themes

MIUI 9 brought with it 3 great themes – Cool Black, Colorful Fantasy and Boundless. The Color Fantasy theme primarily focuses on providing a brilliant experience across the device by using bright color schemes and colorful icons. The Cool Black theme, as the name suggests, is a dark theme that follows a dark tone composed mostly of blacks and grays. Finally, the Limitless theme is a Material Design theme that follows the same material ideology of Google, with similar wallpapers, flat UI and icons.

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MIUI 9 Themes

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Try New MIUI 9 Themes on Your MIUI 8 Device

This is how you can install new MIUI 9 themes on your MIUI 8 device. Each of the themes should help you create a different look and make your device look much more attractive. While the official MIUI 9 update for your device is still a few months away, this is a stylish way to get the MIUI 9 look on your MIUI 8 device. So what are you waiting for? Install themes and tell us about your favorite theme and why you love it in the comments section below.

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