How to Get iPhone Tornado Alerts and Notifications

This guide will show you how to get iPhone tornado alerts and notifications when severe weather hits your current location, and how to get iPhone tornado alert when there is a clock or alert in certain places like your home, parent’s house or your home. children live in another state.

With this collection of free iPhone tornado apps, you can be ready for severe weather and tornadoes as soon as the National Weather Service issues a warning or a watch. Some of these apps will alert you when it’s safe and include information on what to do in the event of a hurricane.

With hurricane season peaking from May to late summer, it’s essential to be prepared for a Tornado and be aware of the weather before traveling or sometimes going to sleep at night. Tornado sirens and other emergency alerts are fine, but for users who want to see the details, these iPhone tornado apps and alerts are essential.

This is a sample iPhone Tornado Alert from the National Weather Service.

The easiest way to get iPhone Tornado alerts is built into the iPhone software and normally turned on by default. This alerts you based on your current location, so it’s perfect for travel. We’ll also cover a few apps that will help you monitor hurricane or severe weather, and how to search for an iPhone tornado app that can help you monitor bad weather for your friends and family and let them know a hurricane is coming. , even if they don’t own an iPhone or smartphone.

A means that the weather conditions are conducive to the formation of a hurricane. Built-in iPhone tornado alerts do not show this type of notification. A means a hurricane has been detected in that area, or radar indicates a hurricane is imminent or in progress and you should call security immediately.

iPhone Tornado Warning Alerts

iPhone includes a built-in emergency notification alert that sends NOAA alerts directly to iPhone so users know when there’s a hurricane warning, extreme wind warning, or flash flood warning. The best part about this type of iPhone tornado alert is that it goes off even when you sleep with Do Not Disturb on. Obviously, a hurricane warning is one you don’t want to keep quiet.

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Many times the iPhone tornado warning is preceded by the tornado sirens being activated and, whenever possible, bad weather. An iPhone tornado warning will include the location and the time until the warning expires. The alert does not contain much additional information as it is sent via text message.

To make sure you get any iPhone tornado warnings, you need to go to

This is how you can receive iPhone Tornado Alerts even when your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

This is how you can receive iPhone Tornado Alerts even when your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

Once this is set, you should start getting iPhone emergency alerts when bad weather approaches. These are free alerts and you won’t see any text message alerts on your bill for these messages. This is separate from the iPhone Amber Alerts, so if you turn them off you’ll still get weather updates.

iPhone tornado alerts will give a loud notification when a warning is issued, similar to the warning tone you hear on TV. The video at the top of this section shows a sample iPhone tornado warning and the sound it plays.

iPhone Tornado Alert App

There are many paid iPhone apps that warn users of bad weather and tornadoes, but you don’t have to pay to get iPhone tornado alerts for key locations. this free Red Cross Tornado app allows users to set alerts for specific locations. This means iPhone will continue to send you alerts based on your location, but you can also get iPhone tornado alerts for areas you choose. This is how I follow alerts for my family, sister and friends.

This iPhone Tornado app is free and can notify you for multiple locations.

This iPhone Tornado app is free and can notify you for multiple locations.

Be sure to give after installing the Red Cross Tornado application. To add locations for iPhone tornado tracking in the bar at the bottom of the app. . If you want alerts based on your current location.

Now, in the middle of the screen. for the area you want to monitor. in the upper right. To see the area on the map if the location it found is correct. If the red area covers the top right where you need to know.

Use this app to get iPhone tornado alerts at multiple locations of your choice.

Use this app to get iPhone tornado alerts at multiple locations of your choice.

Create now, you will get iPhone tornado alerts for this region even if you are not in that area. You can enter multiple domains within the US and US territories. The app also sends a notification when the alert is gone.

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The Red Cross Tornado app also includes what to do just before and during a hurricane, as well as other information about planning ahead. If your area is affected, the app will show available bunkers near you. There is also a quiz to check your knowledge.

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