How to get iPad’s PiP mode on any iPhone

iOS 9 introduced several new features, including Picture-in-Picture mode, which lets you watch videos in a small pop-up window while performing other tasks on your device at the same time. Unfortunately, PiP mode was only supported on iPad and not even brought to iPhone. Apple’s reasoning was that you probably needed a larger screen (like an iPad) to use this feature. However, I believe the PiP mode will also work great on iPhones, especially the Plus model. The good news is that you can get Picture-in-Picture mode on any jailbroken iPhone. So, today here it is How to get iPad’s PiP mode on any Jailbroken iPhone:

note: I tried this jailbreak tweak on my iPhone 6 running jailbroken iOS 10.2. However, it should work on any iPhone running Jailbroken iOS.

Install ForceInPicture from Cydia

  • Open cydia, go to Call Click on the tab and “ForceInPicture” (without quotes). Since this tweak is hosted on BigBoss repository and added by default in Cydia, you don’t need to add any other special resources.

  • Tap on “To organise” > “To approve”.


  • Now tap on “Restart SpringBoard” to complete the installation process.


How to use PiP mode on iPhone

Once ForceInPicture is installed, it works just like the original PiP mode on iPad. When viewing any video in Safari, a new “opensThe ” option is at the bottom of the video, similar to the one shown below:


This works on, or almost any other web video service. Safari’s media controls. You can do compress/extract video to resize according to your needs. It also works in third-party apps that use Safari’s media controls.

To exit PiP modejust tap on “pop inClick the ” button.


Tap the cross on the video to turn off the video completely.


However, PiP mode Not available in apps that use own proprietary media controls. For example, Netflix for iPhone. But Netflix for iPad supports PiP mode. It also means that PiP mode will not work for the YouTube app for iOS. To get around this, you can browse YouTube in Safari.

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How to Extend PiP’s Functionality on iPhone

To improve the functionality of PiP and use Netflix, Facebook, Kodi, etc. If you want to enable it, you should definitely check it out. Video Pane. It’s a $2 download from Cydia and is available from rpetri’s Source ( Recently updated to support iOS 10. If you need a detailed explanation on how to install tweaks from Cydia, head over to our Cydia guide.

The reason I use ForceInPicture instead of VideoPane is because the old one is much more stable and also supports PiP mode in Safari where I watch all my YouTube videos. If your needs are a bit more savvy, say you need PiP support on Facebook/Netflix for iOS, feel free to give VideoPane a shot. It’s a bit problematic at the moment, but we expect it to improve as updates come in.

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Ready to use Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPhone?

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode comes in really handy when you need to perform a certain task on your iDevice but also need to keep a tab on a video. The concept is nothing new in itself, but it’s still a great addition to own. So, what do you think of Picture-in-Picture – is it really useful or more of a gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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