How to Get iOS 9 Wallpaper Right Now?

Apple announced and introduced iOS 9 yesterday and it came with a host of new features. However, if what caught your attention was the cool new wallpaper, here’s how to get iOS 9 wallpaper right now.

iOS 9 retains the same overall look and design as iOS 8, but highlights some improvements and new features that Apple thinks users will like.

Siri is both faster and more accurate with the company claiming 40% improvement everywhere. There’s also improved Spotlight Search, better privacy, greater overall support for Apple Pay with credit cards and store loyalty cards, and even public transit directions for the first time in Apple Maps.

Overall, there seems to be a number of minor improvements with iOS 9 that provide a much better user experience.

However, it’s hard to keep your eyes off the new iOS 9 wallpaper, and it certainly looks a lot better than the ones Apple introduced in iOS 8. Unless you want to wait until fall to get iOS 9 wallpaper. When the new update is released, here is how to get iOS 9 wallpaper right now.

How to Get iOS 9 Wallpaper

First off, we guess that Apple got the iOS 9 wallpaper from a photographer and the company bought the rights to use it that way. it’s called a photo “Rainbow Barrel” by Chris Burkard. Looking at the photo and how it is used as the iOS 9 wallpaper, it seems that Apple made some minor adjustments to the photo for iOS 9.

That means you can technically get the iOS 9 wallpaper right now, but it won’t be exactly the same as what Apple has (although I’ve edited the surfer’s head). Still, it looks really good, and that should at least get you through until fall when iOS 9 is released, or when a developer dives deep into iOS 9’s root files to find the actual iOS 9 wallpaper image files.

Without further ado, here are the different versions of the iOS 9 wallpaper that you can download right now.

Again, this wallpaper isn’t exactly the same as Apple has it, but it works well and looks really good as an iPad or iPhone wallpaper.

How To Install These Wallpapers On Your Device?

Once you download these wallpapers, they will be ready to be installed on your iPhone or iPad, but if you’re not sure how to get them from your computer to your mobile device, there are several methods you can choose from.

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If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, the best option is the new Photos app on Mac. Simply transfer the wallpaper to Photos and then it will appear in the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. From here you can select the image, tap the Share button, then tap .

You can also use Dropbox and put the wallpaper file in your Dropbox folder. From there, open the Dropbox app on your device and save it to your photos. Then tap the Share button and select .

You can also send the wallpaper image to yourself via iMessage. You can then open the message on your iPhone or iPad, save the picture, and then access it from the Photos app.