How to Get iOS 9.1 Early

There’s no need to wait for the iOS 9.1 release date this year to get the new iOS 9.1 features and the new iOS 9.1 emoji featuring middle finger, burrito and unicorn. Thanks to Apple’s public iOS beta and other services that save your UDID, you can try the iOS 9.1 beta right away without a full developer account.

Here’s what it takes to install the iOS 9.1 beta on your iPhone or iPad, and how you can try new features on your devices early.

iOS 9.1 beta is available on any device running iOS 9, any device running iOS 8.

Before you can try iOS 9.1 early, you’ll need to join the Apple iOS beta program or pay to register your iPhone or iPad’s unique identifier as a developer device. If you use the second option, you will need to find an iOS 9.1 beta download to install it.

Apple announced iOS 9.1 on stage at its iPhone 6s event in early September, and if you want to test these features and skip the iOS 9 release, you can go straight to iOS 9.1.

You must sign up to Apple as a Developer, a member of the public beta, or a service that adds your iPhone or iPad to a developer account.

How to Get iOS 9.1 Beta Access

The official methods of accessing iOS 9.1 beta are from Apple, but you can do this without working directly with Apple.

You can do Pay to be an iOS developer. This one-year $99 subscription includes the ability to enroll 100 devices, build and sell apps, and try iOS beta software.

Another option is to join the Apple Beta program. This is free and available to regular users with an Apple device. You can test iOS 9.1 and also early test OS X software. Here’s where you can sign up.

If none of these options are suitable for you, you can register your UDID with a service like below. IMZDL and then use one of the iOS 9.1 downloads to early install iOS 9.1 on your iPhone or iPad.

Requirements to install iOS 9.1 beta.

Requirements to install iOS 9.1 beta.

iOS 9.1 Downloads

If you sign up for the public iOS beta program, you don’t need to find an iOS 9.1 download for early access or follow the instructions below. The best place to look for other users is, IMZDL download sectionor go directly to Apple if you’re in the Developer Program.

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At IMZDL you can find all the iOS 9.1 downloads you need for any device that can run iOS 9.1. You must have a registered device to install this update. Just proceeding with the download will not work.

How to Install iOS 9.1 Beta

There is a little trick to installing the iOS 9.1 beta on your iPhone or iPad. It’s not as simple as a basic iOS 9 upgrade, but it’s not that difficult.

1. Via IMZDL or Apple.

Make sure you are on 2.

3. Connect iPhone to computer and .

4. For your iPhone or iPad model.

Here's what it takes to go back to iOS 9 from the iOS 9.1 beta.

5. Open iTunes and upgrade to iOS 9. Beta.

6. and select.

7. and later if you wish

You can use these instructions on a Mac or PC to install iOS 9.1 on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

What You Should Know About Testing iOS 9.1 Beta

Before you take the steps to install the iOS 9.1 beta, you should make sure you’re prepared to deal with beta software, which can include bugs, poor battery life, and app incompatibilities. This is testing iOS 9.1 before it is released to the public.

If your iPhone or iPad is working perfectly and you rely on it for work or school, it’s a smart idea to wait for the official iOS 9.1 release date to upgrade.

It’s possible to switch from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck, but in iOS 9 you cannot restore to an iOS 9.1 backup and revert to a jailbreakable state.

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