How to Get iOS 7.1 Beta Right Now?

The iOS 7.1 beta is here with a host of bug fixes and performance improvements as per early reports. The iOS 7.1 beta is currently only available to developers as Apple is planning and testing a public iOS 7.1 release in the coming months.

If you registered your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to try the iOS 7 beta, it will work on the same device without re-registering. If you upgraded to iPad Air, iPhone 5s, or iPad mini 2, you must re-register that UDID.

iOS 7.1 beta is free to download for registered developers, and third parties that enroll average users under a developer account will likely offer downloads of this software in the near future.

Here’s how to get iOS 7.1 beta now.

Unless there is a workaround, there is no way to install the iOS 7.1 beta without registering your device with Apple as a developer device. That’s as little as $99 per year through Apple or $8 from third-party services, and it’s better than taking a chance with an unregistered device. If you’re looking forward to the iOS 7 jailbreak, you can delay trying it until you hear from the iOS 7 jailbreak developers, but you can probably revert to iOS 7.0.4 even if Apple says it’s not possible. .

Where to Get iOS 7.1 Beta Access?

The right way to get iOS 7 beta right now is to be a registered iOS developer with Apple. It’s a $99 annual fee and provides access to iOS beta software as well as development tools. If you sign up for it now, you’ll still have access to it in the summer of 2014, when we could see an iOS 8 beta at WWDC, assuming Apple sticks to the same schedule.

If you’re not willing to pay $99, you can use a third-party service to register for $5 to $8. Look for a UDID registration service. IMZDL appears to be offline until next year, but there are alternatives available. Note that these are not affiliated with Apple, so you are taking a small risk.

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For easy entry to these forums, use an app like UDID Sender to send your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch UDID to your email.

How to Install iOS 7.1 Beta

You can install the iOS 7.1 beta on any device running iOS 7. Before starting the installation, make sure that you are registered and that you may encounter problems. If you have a problem, you’ll need to downgrade, but you may have to pay for out-of-warranty replacement or repair if you need support. You can upgrade to iOS 7.1 beta without performing a full restore.

Find an iOS 7.1 beta 1 download and install it without restoring it.

Find an iOS 7.1 beta 1 download and install it without restoring it.


Make sure you are on 2.

3. Connect iPhone to computer and .

4. and complete the download. (This may take some time if you are not a developer.)

6. Open iTunes and upgrade to iOS 7.1 Beta.

7. and select.

8. .

This process will take 10-15 minutes after downloading the iOS 7.1 beta and you will need to contact Apple’s servers to complete the process. You will not be able to use the device during this update. If you are a developer you can use these IOS 7 beta 1 download links,

Which Devices Are iOS 7.1 Beta Compatible?

iOS 7.1 beta 1 will work with any device currently running iOS 7 or iOS 7.0.4. This means it will work on many devices. Here is a quick list.

If you do not have one of these devices, do not try to install the software.

What you need to know before trying iOS 7 beta 1

iOS 78 beta 1 is beta software, meaning that while it brings bug fixes and some performance improvements, it’s not finished software. You may encounter apps not working and crashes that appear out of nowhere. Granted crashes are a normal part of iOS 7.0.4 for some users, but you may see more.

If you only have one device, don’t install IOS 7.1 beta 1 on that device unless you want to deal with the problems that can result from running beta software. Don’t leave negative app reviews for apps that don’t work on iOS 7.1.

There aren’t many iOS 7.1 features that aren’t in iOS 7 right now, but we can see Apple adding them later in the game.

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