How to Get Destiny Beta Without Pre-Ordering

You can now play the Destiny beta on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One without pre-ordering. This guide will show you what to look for and where to look for it in Destiny Beta without pre-ordering.

This offers two days to play before the Destiny beta ends on Saturday night. Up until this point, players needed a Destiny pre-order or a code from a friend for early access to the Destiny beta.

By this time, Destiny beta downloads are now available on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 from their respective play stores on each console. You need to download a large file, double download to be exact, this will take some time.

Now anyone can play the Destiny beta without pre-ordering.

Despite Bungie now let everyone download Destiny beta without pre-order, there are still some restrictions in effect. There’s some rage about opening the Destiny beta to everyone for players who pre-order, so you might want to avoid chatting in-game unless you’re at a party.

Destiny hasn’t disclosed how many players are currently in the Destiny beta, but we saw over 100,000 players expect to enter the Destiny beta during the downtime. No matter how many players are in the game, it’s not enough for Bungie to truly stress-test the system.

During the beta, Bungie tested and fixed some network issues, and strictly followed other items to look for improvements that should be made before the official Destiny release this fall. If all goes well, this is when players will see bugs, and this drop isn’t like in Battlefield 4 and GTA 5 Online.

It’s unclear whether new Destiny beta players without pre-orders will be able to collect the private beta emblem and rewards on Saturday, but it looks very likely. At 2 PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern Bungie is offering a special emblem for players who join the Destiny beta for a big stress test.

How to Get Destiny Beta Without Pre-Ordering

If you want to play the Destiny beta without pre-ordering, you cannot go to the store on your console and download the Destiny beta. This is a large download and in most cases you will experience a two-part binary download. This is best if you are ready to start it a few hours before you plan to play.

To access the Destiny beta without pre-ordering, you need a PlayStation Plus account or Xbox Live account. If you have an Xbox 360 without a hard drive, you won’t be able to play the Destiny beta either.

On PS4 and PS3, go to PlayStation Store and search for Destiny. There may also be a notification on your home screen alerting you to the availability of Destiny beta for your system. Once you find the game, download it to the console. More information on how to get the PS4 and PS3 Destiny beta.

Once the PS4 and PS3 Destiny beta download is complete, launch the game and it will download another large file before you start playing.

Use these guides to download the Destiny beta without pre-ordering.

Use these guides to download the Destiny beta without pre-ordering.

You can go to Marketplace to download the game for Xbox One and Xbox 360. You can visit online for Download Destiny beta on your Xbox 360 without pre-ordering. You can search for Apps and Games for Destiny beta on Xbox One and start downloading. On Xbox One, don’t try to start the game the first time it says you can. Instead, wait for the download to complete before playing. More details on how to get the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Destiny beta.

After the Destiny beta is downloaded, you can start by creating a character. Be sure to check out our Destiny beta tips and tricks to get used to the game.

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