How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games

Buying an Xbox One or any console is an investment. Many people see this when you just buy a piece of hardware and connect it to your TV. Yet there are ongoing costs associated with modern games, and they are only increasing. Every video game console requires users to purchase an online subscription before playing with their friends. Now almost every game also has some kind of season pass. These are so that users can get the full experience with a single purchase instead of three or four. Free and inexpensive Xbox One games are a way for gamers to keep their costs down.

Xbox One has many options when it comes to saving games. Deep in the Xbox Store is a selection of free Xbox One games to play for users who don’t want to spend money on in-game extras. Xbox Live Deals with Gold offer users the opportunity to buy big-name games at discounted prices.

Here are some easy ways to get cheap and free Xbox One games for your console.

How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games: Xbox Live Gold and Spotlight Deals

Your quest for cheap and easy Xbox One games should always start with the Xbox Live Gold and Spotlight Deals that Microsoft announces every week.


Count on new Xbox Live Gold deals every Tuesday. Microsoft is giving big discounts on both new and old games as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Sometimes these titles are smaller in scale. Sometimes they are new launches with recognizable names. NBA 2K16, Batman Arkham Knight Diablo 3 and Destined King all recently on sale with Gold through Xbox Live Deals. Sometimes Microsoft gives discounts on games even for those who don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account. These are usually Spotlight Opportunities. You can check out Spotlight Deals and Gold and Xbox Live Deals here: xbox.comthe Xbox Store on your console and the Xbox apps on iPhone, Android, and Windows.

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How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games: Xbox Live Games with Gold

Xbox Live Games with Gold is another benefit of your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Yet instead of offering you discounts, Microsoft is giving you access to these games.


Each month the Xbox Live Games with Gold promotion changes, removing and replacing games that have been on the market for a while. The games in the program are digital downloads and are completely unlocked, but you can purchase downloadable content for them separately. These games are always available for you as long as you keep your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

It goes without saying that you get free Xbox One games with this one as with the others. Xbox Live Gold costs $9.99 per month or $60 per year. If you have a multiplayer subscription, let’s say it’s free.

How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games: Free to Play Games on the Xbox Store

Most games made for video game consoles still cost money. Smaller titles range from around $20 to much larger titles costing $60 without any extra content. There are also free Xbox One games, games that cost players nothing to download.


DC Universe Online, APB Reloaded, Warframe, World of Tanks, Smite, Killer Instinct, Battle Ages and pinball effect These are just some of the games available for free on the Xbox Store. Others are coming along the way, Star Trek Online It was confirmed for Xbox One earlier this year.

To be clear, these games have no coverage fees as they have in-app purchases. This means users can purchase power-ups and character add-ons. Star Trek Online For example, it offers more inventory slots and better ships for captains.

How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games: EA Access

Available only on Windows PCs and Xbox One, EA Access is a digital subscription service for games. Electronic Arts adds titles to the service’s Vault containing their DLC and all content add-ons. Instead of paying for the entire game, you pay the service cost of $4.99 per month.

Play NHL 17 early on Xbox One with EA Access.

Dragon Age Inquisition, Madden NFL 16 and Battlefield These are just some of the games available in the Vault. Subscription also includes 10% off games made by EA that you wish to purchase directly from the Xbox Store.

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How to Get Cheap and Free Xbox One Games: Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Microsoft’s Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program is perhaps the best way to get free or discounted games. With the program, you can take some of your library from Xbox 360 to Xbox One for free.


Insert your game disc and Xbox One will check if it’s in the program. If so, the console will download an updated digital version to work on Xbox One. Any digital games you purchase on the Xbox 360 included in the program will automatically appear in your list of installable games.

You can also buy the Xbox 360 games in the program for cheap on the Xbox Store; and Microsoft is adding more games to the program all the time.

Good luck finding cheap and free Xbox One games.

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