How to Get Bluetooth Device Battery Level on Android?

The world is shifting towards wireless technologies. Whether you’re listening to audio or streaming content, just about anything can be done wirelessly. Two technologies that stand out on this front are Bluetooth and NFC. The latter is primarily used for charging, while the former finds its use almost everywhere. The most notable and obvious use is in Bluetooth headphones and earphones. Smartphone manufacturers have started to abandon the 3.5mm jack, thus promoting the sale of Bluetooth audio devices. Unfortunately, these devices do not have a battery monitor. While some OEMs like Samsung, OnePlus, and LG have built-in Bluetooth Battery Level indicators, the stock Android experience lacks such a feature. However, recent commits in the AOSP source code suggest that such a feature is coming soon in the next few updates for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. But who likes to wait, right? So, if you are someone who wants to monitor the battery of a Bluetooth device, read on as we show you how to display Bluetooth battery level indicators on Android:

Show Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators

note: The following method only works with devices with Hands-Free profile (accept, reject phone calls) or GATT profile (usually 4.0+ Low Energy devices).

  • To start, download and install the free BatON app from here.
  • Next, Connect your Bluetooth device to your smartphone. For this example, my Boat Rockerz 510 headphones.

  • Once your device is connected, simply Open the BatON app. this The app should now display the Bluetooth battery level of your Bluetooth device.. Alternatively, swiping down on the notification panel should also show the battery level of your Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Battery Level

While the app automatically refreshes the battery level, it does this every 3 hours. you can set to refresh data more frequently by following the steps below:

  • tap on 3 dot hamburger menu and choose “Settings”. Now, tap on “Automatic measurement”.

Settings and Auto measurement

  • Settings for automatic measurement will now open. Tap on “Measure the frequency” and then select “15 minutes” from the list.

Change time to 15 minutes

This much. The app will now automatically refresh the battery level data of the Bluetooth device every 15 minutes.

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Easily Monitor Your Bluetooth Device’s Battery Level on Your Android Device

In a world where we are rapidly advancing to wireless technology, better battery life is a must. Bluetooth headphones are on the rise as more and more smartphone manufacturers are abandoning the 3.5mm jack. As such, the ability to monitor battery levels comes as a huge advantage. It helps the user to make sure that he always has enough battery life for his use. I know I use the method described above a lot. But what about you? Do you have a Bluetooth device and have you used the method mentioned above? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.

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