How to Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 offers a lot in a thin and light package. There are new security options for logging in and new cameras that offer acceptable photos. The changes inside made the Surface Pro 4 faster at transferring pictures and videos. The cabinet is cooler and quieter than Microsoft’s older Windows 2-in-1s. There is a problem with the Surface Pro 4 though.

Despite major upgrades in other areas, the Surface Pro 4 has the same battery life as the Surface Pro 3. Increase the screen brightness and it’s possible to get even less battery life. Many blame the lack of better battery life on its sharper display. Whatever the reason, just being able to match the Surface Pro 3’s battery life is a huge potential issue for Surface Pro 4 buyers.

There are some ways your Surface Pro 4 can extend the time between charges. Most of these tricks apply to Windows 10 devices not manufactured by Microsoft.

Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Use Darker and Darkest Setting for Display

Since the iPhone, ambient light sensors have allowed smartphones to measure the amount of light around them. Devices use information from the sensor to dim their screens accordingly. Auto screen brightness allows your device to take advantage of battery life by simply making the screen bright enough to be comfortably read, but not overly bright.

On Surface Pro 4, swipe from the right edge of your screen to open the Action Center. Tap the option. Now tap or click the box. Repeatedly tapping changes between darker, darkest, suggested, brighter, and brightest. Go with Darker or Darkest for more battery life.

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The Surface Pro 4’s screen is the biggest battery drain.

Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Disconnect All Extras

Almost everything connected to the single USB port on your Surface Pro 4 is running out of battery. Disconnecting the extras can marginally increase battery life. When near a power plug, consider charging via the power supply that comes with the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 versions of the Surface Pro 4 instead of your device.

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This will allow your device to charge faster and avoid having to draw on your Surface Pro 4 when you’re away from a power outlet. Between charges, unplug any accessories that are not necessary for what you are currently doing.

Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Pause OneDrive Syncing

Pause OneDrive Syncing

Microsoft has built OneDrive cloud storage into Windows 10, giving users the option to keep their items in sync with their online folders. As soon as you add anything to your OneDrive folder, Windows tries to put a copy in its online service. If you notice that it is consuming a significant amount of battery, try pausing OneDrive sync until the next time you plug your computer in.

Another big draw on battery power for the Surface Pro 4 is Wi-Fi. Turning off Wi-Fi when not in use can improve your experience. Turning the feature off all the time isn’t a great idea, but it’s great for situations where you already expect not to be connected, such as on planes, trains, and long car trips.

Tap the Wi-Fi icon in the Taskbar. Switching to Airplane Mode with a tap will turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and increase the battery life of your Surface Pro 4 when powered off.

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Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Replace While Your Device Sleeps

Another way the Surface Pro 4 creates the illusion that it’s just a tablet is with a feature Microsoft calls Connected Standby. When users press a power button on their phone or tablet, they don’t really turn it off. It still goes into sleep mode where it can download email updates, stay connected to the internet, and continue streaming music. The Surface Pro 4 is no different, which could have an impact on battery life.

Open the Settings app from the Start Screen or Start Menu depending on whether Tablet Mode is on or off. Tap or click . tap or click

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From this screen, you can have your Surface Pro 4 automatically turn off for a minute when running on its own battery power. There are also options to disable the Wi-Fi connection while in sleep mode. Finally, there’s a switch that lets Cortana manage power options based on your location.

Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Turn Off Power Hungry Programs

This needs to be repeated, there are programs that can have a huge impact on battery life. These programs are usually feature rich and downloaded via a web browser. Great examples are iTunes and the Adobe suite of media creation tools. Also, Google’s Chrome browser is known to be a big culprit. Close non-essential programs and your Surface Pro 4 should do less work. Less work means less power is required for the processor. Your device will last longer.

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Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Sync Your Email Less

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To go hand-in-hand with reviewing apps that consume a lot of battery power, take a look at how often Outlook or Outlook Mail checks for new messages. Every time these apps search for a new message, they’re taking a toll on your battery life.

For the Outlook Mail app available in Windows 10, go to the Settings app and look at Accounts. Choose now. Tap or click each account and select manage to reduce the amount of time your PC checks that account for new email.

Get Better Surface Pro 4 Battery Life: Turn On Power Saver Mode

Like its predecessor Windows Phone, the Surface Pro 4 has a special mode for when longer battery life is required. It’s called Power Saver Mode and can be changed at any time or configured to turn on automatically.

Tap or click the battery icon in your Taskbar on the right. Now click or tap on

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Surface Pro 4 Battery Life Quick Tips

Good luck with your Surface Pro 4. Here’s hoping these tips provide better battery Surface Pro 4 battery life for you.

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