How to Get Better MacBook Sound While Traveling

MacBooks sound good when playing movies and music, but it’s definitely not the best experience. Here’s how you can improve the sound of your MacBook on the go.

Whether you’re staying at a hotel or a friend’s house, you may feel the urge to watch a movie on your MacBook. Frankly, watching it on TV is more ideal, but you may not always have this luxury when you are away from home.

That’s why watching movies on your MacBook is the next best option, but the speakers on most laptops aren’t that good. Sure, MacBook speakers have greatly improved over the past few years, but you still get that familiar “telephone” sound from the speakers, which means you can’t really experience all the richness of sound when you’re out of the house.

Fortunately, there are several ways to give your MacBook a much-needed boost in audio output, from getting a Bluetooth speaker to simply using a good pair of headphones for listening. You no longer need to rely on those annoying laptop speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers

Perhaps the best option for improving the sound on your MacBook is to get a Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality. The nice thing about it is that there are tons of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. The popularity of Bluetooth speakers over the past few years has resulted in an explosion of such products that were great for consumers in that time period.

Bluetooth speakers allow you to wirelessly connect your MacBook to the speaker and also deliver far better sound from your MacBook than the built-in speakers can.

However, with so many Bluetooth speakers to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is worthwhile for you. Fortunately, there are several different Bluetooth speakers that stand out.

Logitech’s Ultimate Ears lineup are perhaps the Bluetooth speakers to check out. If you want an ultra-portable speaker, Logitech UE Mini Boom It’s about the smallest you can get, still offering really good sound quality, but the $100 price tag might scare some buyers away.

That’s why we also recommend AmazonBasics Mini Bluetooth speakersIt’s also very portable, but only costs $40. The sound quality may not be as good as what Logitech offers, but it’s likely much better than the built-in speakers in your MacBook.

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Computer Speakers

If you want external speakers that actually plug into your MacBook, we don’t blame you, and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this category.

Screenshot 2014-08-18, 2.08.40 PM

this Logitech Z130 speakers are a set of 2.0 speakers that plug into an outlet for power and then plug into your MacBook via the headphone jack. They will undoubtedly give you better sound quality, and for less than $20 you really can’t beat them. However, the requirement of a power outlet may not be ideal for some users.

If you are one of those users, you can get a pair of 2.0 speakers that you can plug into a USB port instead. These Logitech S150 the speakers use USB for both power and sound, and there are no more wires to mess with. If you have enough room in your bag to stash them while traveling, they will be the ideal speakers for any portable setup.


If you’re just watching a movie or listening to music on your MacBook, you don’t actually need any external speakers, you need your trusty headphones instead. You most likely have a couple around you can use.

Screenshot 2014-08-18, 2.08.52 PM

Headphones are the easiest way to improve the sound quality of your MacBook, as you can bypass the built-in speakers altogether and place a good pair of boxes over your head.

Again, you probably already have a reliable pair of headphones, but if you don’t, there are literally thousands of headphones to choose from.

Companies like Bose, Sennheiser, and Shure produce expensive and high-end earphone models, while brands like JVC, Sony, Philips, and Panasonic have earphones in all price ranges. Personally, we’re big fans of Sennheiser’s low-cost lineup. HD 429 over-ear headphones at a reasonable $50 price.