How to Fix USB OTG Issues on Android Devices

USB technology has been on the market for some time now and has played an increasing role in increasing the usability of the smartphone. The USB OTG (On The Go) feature has taken the smartness of today’s phones one step further. Being able to access files by plugging your USB flash drive into your phone is both great and useful if you have a low-storage phone. Also, advances in technology such as the USB Type C format have made it much faster to access files via OTG. However, there are certain USB OTG issues faced by many Android users. Alright, We list various USB OTG issues and how you can fix them:

USB OTG flash drive won’t connect to phone!

This is due to two main reasons – the first is that you overlooked your handset’s specification sheet. In this case, you should read it again and find out if your phone supports USB OTG function.

The second reason is that users have provided the compatibility factor but haven’t gone into the technical details of how USB OTG works. We have listed these reasons below:

1. Is your USB OTG drive as old as Charles Babbage’s machine?

We usually prefer to replace our one-month smartphones with the latest offer, but we do not pay attention to our offer. aging accessories. Older flash drives were designed with devices from past years in mind. Older generation USB devices are slower and require relatively more resources. They also need a significant amount of power and voltage to aid in data transfer.

On the other hand, today’s modern smartphones are technically advanced and designed to operate at lower power for optimum efficiency in performance. Therefore, ports on smartphones give less power to slave devices that are limited by their manufacturers. New USB OTG devices are designed to work on both old and new devices. They can set varying levels of power input from the USB ports of the host devices.

2. Software Compatibility Issues

Since the beginning of computers, the annoying problem of file format compatibility has plagued us and made our lives more stressful. Your phone’s hardware can detect the attached peripheral, but the software cannot recognize the file format system.

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What’s the solution?

Well, you can’t get rid of them completely. However, there are some workarounds for USB OTG issues that might do the job for now.

  • for the first issue

Prefer to upgrade to newer flash drives especially from famous manufacturers like below SanDisk. USB OTG drivers from famous manufacturers they may be a little pricey, but they will likely work much better with your device. They provide faster data transfer rates and are designed to work with smartphones at low power. They do not affect the health of your phone’s battery and chipset, allowing the hardware to sync happily with the software.

  • for the second number

If your device supports USB OTG and the problem is software incompatibility. I recommend you change to a better file manager app It has smart algorithms to find a way to deal with the file formats of your portable devices. It can detect your new thumb drive or even an old thumb drive. You can find many capable file managers on the Play Store, each with their own advantages.

For example, I inserted a relatively old flash drive into my new Android phone and the local file manager was not able to identify it. I was able to access the files only after installing a separate file manager like below. ES File Explorer capable of handling advanced system file operations.

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Fix Your USB OTG Problems

The USB OTG function is a great feature that comes in handy for a variety of situations. So, troubleshooting it will help you get the most out of your Android device. However, we recommend that you always upgrade to the latest technology every year. We know it can be heavy for your wallet, but newer gadgets and accessories always deliver a better experience.

If you have any other issue with USB OTG functionality or there are better solutions to the problems mentioned above, you can share your thoughts in the comments section below.