How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Downloads

Getting a stuck Xbox One game download can be extremely frustrating. There is nothing worse than when you sit down to play a new game and see it on your TV and for no reason the game stops installing.

You know a stuck Xbox One game loads pretty quickly. After growing for a while, your game’s installed percentage suddenly stops increasing. It never reaches 100 percent. This can happen when installing a game from a disc or downloading a game from the store built into the Xbox One.

It remains unclear what exactly is causing the stuck Xbox One game downloads. Fortunately, community members have found ways to fix time-consuming Xbox One game installs without the need to restore your console to factory settings.

How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Downloads: Method 1 Saving and Clearing Your Cache

Microsoft’s Xbox support website’s solution for stuck Xbox One game downloads is to clear the cache of locally saved games on your console. It worked for some, but be aware that it will delete all saved games not stored on Xbox Live. Therefore, you do not want to use this solution on a console that is not connected to Xbox Live. You will lose your saved games.

Easily fix stuck Xbox One game installations.

Easily fix stuck Xbox One game installations.

  1. Eject the disc from your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X.
  2. for your controller.
  3. to the right of the completely new guide.
  4. Scroll down and .
  5. Select on the settings screen.
  6. Choose now.
  7. Choose . You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete your locally saved games. Choose .
Clean local game saves to fix stuck game installs.

Clean local game saves to fix stuck game installs.

How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Downloads: Method 2 Go Offline for Game Downloads

Reportedly, there is another solution that works for stuck Xbox One game downloads. There’s no erasing your saved games, but you do need to shut down your console and disconnect it from Xbox Live for a while.

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Return to the Xbox One’s Settings app using the Xbox Guide.

Choose from the menu on the left. Then select .


Choose . This will turn off the network connection on your console.


Now go back to the Home screen and select . Select your game and press the menu button on your controller to see more options. Then select .


Now remove the game disc from your console. Xbox logo glowing on your device to open the guide.

Go to and select .


Put the game back on your drive and install it.

Now go back to Network settings area in console settings and select .

How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Downloads: Method 3 Restart Your Console

Between these two methods, you should find your stuck Xbox One game setup fixed. If you don’t, Microsoft recommends restarting your console by holding your finger on the front of your original Xbox One or pressing and holding the Xbox logo on Xbox One S or One X. After rebooting, try to install. game again.

How to Fix Stuck Xbox One Game Downloads: Slow Downloads

Stuck Xbox One game downloads should not be confused with slow Xbox One game downloads. This is a separate issue where the speed of your internet connection is not enough to download the game to your console in a reasonable amount of time. When this happens, try downloading the game to a flash drive using someone else’s Xbox. If you have this problem a lot, stay with disc games to avoid large installation files when a game starts. Of course, you may still run into issues if your games have pending updates.

It’s also worth mentioning that with digital games, Microsoft’s Xbox Live services may be causing your issue. Visit Xbox Support To find out if there are service outages that prevent you from installing and playing games.

Additional reporting by Josh Smith