How to Fix Scratches on Your iPhone Screen

Over time, all kinds of scratches can appear on your iPhone’s screen, especially if you don’t have a screen protector. Here’s how to fix those scratches.

No matter how much you feed your iPhone, scratches will eventually show up on your screen without you knowing how they got there. It’s a bit of a mystery, but we use our phones for so many different things every day. So scratches can appear randomly in a way we never expected. And after years of use, your screen may have lots of scratches.

If you’re someone with iPhone screen scratches, there’s not much you can do, but all hope is not lost. There are at least ways to hide the scratches, but you can replace the screen entirely if you want to go the more permanent route.

Here are some ways to fix those iPhone scratches on your screen.

Fix iPhone Screen Scratches

Before we dive into ways to “fix” screen scratches on your iPhone, it’s important to remember that you can’t really “fix” scratches, but rather mask them or prevent them from appearing. This is about the only “fix” that exists. Otherwise, the best option is to replace the entire screen with a brand new one, but this method requires the most money.

Some of the methods people use on scratches for their televisions and computer monitors are to use vaseline, rubbing alcohol or toothpaste to fill in the scratches and even use a pencil eraser. However, I recommend not doing this for your iPhone’s screen.

This is because the screen of your iPhone comes with an oleophobic coating. This ensures that your screen is somewhat fingerprint proof. Of course it doesn’t prevent all fingerprint smudges, but it’s much better than regular glass.

Now, you can have vasoline, alcohol, etc. on your iPhone screen. The reason you don’t want to use them is because these can easily corrode the oleophobic coating on your iPhone’s screen, which isn’t such a bad thing and won’t break your iPhone, but that’s not something you really want to remove.

iPhone-6-screen protector

Instead, it’s best to get a screen protector and install it on your iPhone’s screen. It may seem strange to apply a screen protector after the damage has occurred, but what you will discover is that the adhesive on the screen protector will fill in these scratches and make them almost invisible once you place them on. iPhone.

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I tried this on my dad’s iPhone a while ago and it worked great. His iPhone’s screen was full of scratches, but after installing a screen protector, we were both surprised at how well it concealed all the scratches.

You get screen protectors really cheap and we have some of the best you can buy, and don’t forget to check out our guide on how to install a screen protector.

If you want to go the more permanent route, you will want to replace the entire screen on your iPhone, which can be costly. Apple charges $109 to replace an iPhone 6 screen, which isn’t a terrible price at all. iFixit is selling an iPhone 6 display assembly almost $150, but if you just want to fix scratches and the screen isn’t really cracked, that’s a lot of money to spend.

You can find a better deal at a local electronics repair shop, but nothing can be cheaper than getting a screen protector to hide scratches and it’s still the way I recommend you go.