How to Fix iPhone Video Capture in Wrong Direction

A very common problem when shooting video on iPhone is accidentally shooting in the wrong direction. This guide will show you how to change Make sure these videos face the right direction so you don’t lose the footage you’ve taken.

The iPhone’s video capabilities are some of its best selling points, but any great video can be ruined if the phone starts recording before the user switches it to their preferred capture mode. iPhone can shoot video on both Portrait mode together landscape modehowever, this transition requires response from the phone’s accelerometer (motion detector).

If you accidentally recorded a video in portrait mode and then tried to flip the phone to landscape, don’t worry! There’s no need to ditch that image just yet, as there are several reasonably painless ways to fix it!

How to Fix iPhone Video Capture in Wrong Direction

Here are some different ways to translate your iPhone videos correctly that won’t break your wallet or waste your time!

Watch the video above to see a few different ways to get the right screen orientation for your videos.

Convert Videos with Quicktime Player

if you are using apple computer With your iPhone you can access possibly the easiest local tool available. Plug your iPhone into computer Using Lightning Cable and synchronization Use Photos or Image Capture to get your video on Mac.

Opening the video Fast Time Player It allows you to watch the movie, but also allows you to make some changes to the movie. Click Edit Menu To find options to rotate your video! Specify which direction your video should change (Rotate Left, Rotate Right, etc.) and select the option. You should see the changes take effect immediately, with your video switching to Landscape Mode or Portrait mode depending on your choice.

Play the video, see your results, and then save transfer the video to your Mac. Now this image is reusable and ready to be used in iMovie or Final Cut Pro!

Convert Videos with Apps

It is also possible to translate your videos directly on iPhone and one of the ways to do it Downloading an app from the App Store it will get the job done! There are usually free apps available for most tasks and certainly enough, Rotate and Flip Video an excellent option!

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application Free No time limit or Watermark in App Store and final video. The app also has the ability to export your footage in different formats as well as translate it for you.

Download the app and open your videos from your Camera Roll. As with Quicktime Player, rotate clip and get it in the right direction.

export clip and again, you’ll be ready to use it in other apps but in the proper view!

Flip andRotate

Convert Videos with iMovie

Another app solution available through the App Store iMovie, Apple’s video editing program. iMovie Free For anyone who has just purchased a new iOS device $4.99 traditionally.

import the video you want to edit Roll of film and then Tap Share To export a new clip To rotate the video correctly, use two fingers to rotate video left or right

After using this gesture, the video should now be facing the right direction. Tap Done and then Save Video to send the still video back to Camera Roll and you’re done.


another good reminder fix this problem early Checking that the orientation is set before tapping Save. checking the camera icon on the screen. if facing same direction you, you ready to shoot or take pictures!

These are some quick and easy ways to fix your videos that got stuck in the wrong view and turn them into reusable clips for any project!

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