How to Fix iPhone Charging Issues

This is a guide on how to quickly fix iPhone charging issues if your phone stops connecting to your computer or charging.

time can be a really difficult situation on the go and your iPhone battery life is decreasing or worse, completely dead. The situation becomes even more difficult when you realize that the phone is broken. not charging at all when you plug it in.

When you experience iPhone charging problems, it’s easy to get frustrated and immediately assume the worst. But with a little patience, you can fix the charging issue on your own, or at least get a better idea of ​​what’s going on.

How to Fix iPhone Charging Issues

Is there a two different elements As it may cause iPhone charging problems, equipment and software. Just like with a computer, investigating both of these factors independently can often give you some good results.

Here are a few things you can try when you encounter these charging issues, in hopes that your device will work fast again and save you from traveling to the Genius Bar.

Perform a Hard Reset

Believe it or not, a hard reset It will fix most power related issues as it instantly removes the software factor. This is especially useful to try if the phone has a blank screen and is completely unresponsive.

Plug the phone into your Lightning Cable (preferably one that you know works) and the wall adapter and wait a few seconds to see if the phone responds.

If there is no illumination on the screen, press and hold home button and sleep/wake button roughly 7-10 seconds at a time. If the phone is experiencing a software issue then this usually happens restarts things again by stopping all processes and forcing the phone to restart.

If this is a success, See the Apple logo Light up your screen indicates the phone has now rebooted with all functions re-enabled.

This is the best first response if the phone is completely dead, but it’s also very useful for troubleshooting charging issues in general.

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This type of hard reset will not wipe your phone’s memory, but if you’re working on something when the phone screen goes black, you may lose the changes you just made.

Check Your Lightning Cable and Adapter

The second best troubleshooting step is to simply Physically check the Lightning Cable You use it to connect your iPhone.

there ever was tears is it on the cable? none bare wires exposed? Is there fading or melted fields? These are all sure signs of a cable-related problem. Even if it’s “just working”, that could definitely be the cause of your problems.

With another cable as soon as possible, preferably apple brand and not one aftermarket cable. These unreliable should do immortality available during the troubleshooting process. If the cable is faulty, let the phone charge Take a while before seeing results.

The other alternative could be yours. power adapter brick causing the problem, so receipt cable a computer or another adapter to ensure the same results. Bricks tend to be the most common cause, but it’s definitely worth a look if the cable test showed any results.

this best path to approve all these tests use another iOS device This will charge via Lightning Cable and control side by side with your problematic iPhone.

LC cables

Check Lightning Port

The device may be experiencing a problem with the connection due to debris in the charging port. This step includes: careful physical use as you don’t want to damage anything inside the charging port.

Most of the time, if you keep your iPhone in your pocket, you end up with some harbor-filled lintprevents your cable from connecting. under good lighting look at the harbor and observe if anything is blocking the connection. look close side port but especially back wall. If the port is clean, it should look metallic.

If you see some criminal debris, you can: slowly come off and charge your phone again. use bent paper clip or a sewing needle, carefully to choose on the sides of the port and right next to the back wall. You should be able to pull out the debris and release the link.

Be extremely careful when placing objects under the phone. and don’t continue if you don’t feel comfortable. Genius Bar can clean your port for you if you don’t want to risk damaging it. all the same, check for debris At least before making an appointment with the technician to save troubleshooting time.

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Lightning Port

Hope these tips helped your iPhone to charge or turn on again! If all else fails, iPhone May require hardware repair and it will have to be taken somewhere Service provider. The Apple Store will try many of the same steps, but it helps to try a few things at home first! Hardware repairs may require device replacement; so be prepared for any service options if you need to pick up the phone.

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