How to Fix iCloud Music Library Cannot Activate Error

Are you encountering Apple Music issues that prevent you from downloading or adding music to your music library? When using Apple Music on iOS 8.4, you need to enable iCloud Music Library for all features to work.

One of the common messages you will see is the “This requires iCloud Music Library” warning with the option to enable iCloud Music Library in the settings app.

When you try to do this, you may encounter an annoying Apple Music error message saying “Cannot activate iCloud Music Library”. The message reads, “You can enable it later from Music in Settings. until then, your music will not be available on all your devices.”

Learn how to fix iCloud Music Library can’t be activated error.

This Apple Music issue won’t prevent you from trying the service, starting a free three-month trial, and listening to Beats! radio, but it will affect the syncing of songs between your devices.

Here is how to fix iCloud Music Library cannot be activated error message on Apple Music in iOS 8.4.

How to Open iCloud Music Library on iOS 8.4

After upgrading to iOS 8.4 and testing Apple Music this morning, I kept going into iCloud Music Library on my iPhone 6 can’t be activated error. This happens on iPhone 6 Plus and many other devices running iOS 8.4 as well.

After several tries, I was able to fix the iCloud Music Library cannot be activated issue by trying repeatedly. This is most likely due to Apple servers being challenged by users trying to install iOS 8.4 and turn on iCloud Music Library to get the most out of the new Apple Music app.

Fix iCloud Music Library issues in iOS 8.4.

Fix iCloud Music Library issues in iOS 8.4.

If you’ve already given up, restarting your iPhone or iPad is still a good idea. It’s not needed, but after this quick step I got iCloud Music Library working in just two tries after multiple previous failures.

  1. Go to Settings on iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on Music – Note that this is not in iCloud Settings as you might expect.
  3. Open iCloud Music Library.
  4. Choose to Merge or Swap your music library. I’ve had success using replace, others have reported success with the merge selection, so this shouldn’t affect your choice.
  5. If you work, it’s over. If not, don’t try to open it until it works. You may need to try 5-10 times before finally driving.
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That’s all it takes to fix this annoying Apple Music issue on iOS 8.4.

Some users are also reporting issues with importing Beats Music Playlists to Apple Music. This process may take some time, but Apple Support Forums one user says that turning on iCloud Music Library immediately brings their friend’s Beats Music playlists to Apple Music.

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