How To Fix HTC 10 Fingerprint Scanner Issues

The all-new HTC 10 has one of the best fingerprint scanners on any smartphone and is only the second phone from the company to use it. Adding extra security, wireless mobile payment features and more. However, we also hear a few reports of HTC 10 fingerprint scanner issues. Here are a few solutions to fix them and get them working correctly.

Similar to the iPhone or Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 has a front-facing fingerprint scanner under the display. It’s easy enough to reach, but a little lower than some would like, which isn’t exactly an ideal spot. We have no issues with ours, but some just don’t enjoy the same smooth experience.

When it comes to the HTC 10 fingerprint scanner, most of the issues are with it not recognizing a finger and not unlocking user devices, which means they must end up with a password or pin. If you’re having trouble, here are a few helpful tips, suggestions, and tricks to improve the experience.

The fingerprint scanner on HTC’s phone is fast, easy to use, and error-free. It usually unlocks phones in less than 0.5 seconds. We have already detailed how to use the fingerprint scanner in our guide linked below and it also tells you the right way to enroll fingerprint instead of doing it quickly during setup. With or without a case depending on usage, taking your time and getting it right will go a long way in terms of future use.

All you have to do is press and hold it for less than a second and it will unlock the phone or do whatever the owners are trying to do with their fingerprint. However, we get complaints that 50-60% of the time, sometimes more, it doesn’t work and users are frustrated. Ours is almost 100% working so this could be an isolated issue.

If you’re having trouble with the HTC 10 fingerprint scanner or it’s not working properly, there are several possible options to fix it. Let’s start with that in mind.

HTC 10 Fingerprint Scanner Tips and Fixes

An unsuccessful attempt to unlock HTC 10 with fingerprint can have multiple different causes and we’ll cover a few below. Let’s start with the right way to set and place your fingerprint and a few steps to avoid problems.

First, make sure the scanner surface is clean as you may not get an accurate reading if you’ve already added a fingerprint or two. Facial and fingerprint lubrication, make-up, dirt, and more can cause the device to malfunction and not get a 100% accurate reading. The same goes for those filthy fingers. keep it clean.

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However, the biggest thing is how you set up your fingerprint to get started. The setup is pretty self-explanatory, and HTC’s guide talks about changing angles and the like during the save process. If you haven’t done this correctly, you may want to delete them and redo each saved fingerprint. I hid both my index fingers and dominant thumb while sitting at a table.

Go to Settings > Fingerprints > select “reset fingerprint” then let’s do it again. Tap on Add fingerprint and start over. Users wearing a case or screen protector should probably wipe and re-set all fingerprints as this will help keep the phone angled correctly during the process. If you’re using a case from our selection above, put it on or any protector first, then add fingerprints to your phone.

10 fingerprints

Some forum members claim doubling the same finger on the system for a better chance of success, but this only confuses the system further, so we recommend only having one entry per finger.

My own HTC 10 has a Spigen case and a glass screen protector, and the fingerprint scanner still seemed to work flawlessly. However, I re-added my left hand just for good measure because sometimes it wasn’t quite working on the rare occasion I used that hand. Everything is at the angle at which the finger is registered, and this should be done in the position where you typically hold the device during use.

Again, it’s a good idea to wipe the surface of any finger and the scanner before you start to get the most accurate reading. The whole system is pretty simple and hard to get it wrong, so follow some of the steps above and enjoy a faster, easier to use and safer smartphone. If owners are still having problems, we suggest resetting all saved fingerprints and restarting the phone. Or as a last resort, factory data reset and try again. However, this will wipe the entire phone, so only do this if you have to.

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