How To Fix Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode Battery Draining

Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo users are complaining of excessive battery drain when using the Airplane Mode setting of the device. While we wait for a permanent fix, we would like to guide you through some fixes to try if the issue still occurs on your device.

As the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo progresses, we’re starting to hear about the issues plaguing those upgrading from Nougat to Oreo.

Galaxy S8 users are reporting various errors including abnormal battery drain. Abnormal battery drain is a common problem especially after moving a device from one operating system to another.

Especially Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users, complaining about bad battery life when turning the phone into Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode disconnects connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is designed to help conserve battery life, while not harming it.

The issue seems to affect (mostly) Galaxy S8 users in Europe, with users seeing abnormal battery drain sometimes up to 20% when the phone is idle.

Samsung apparently aware of the problemReports indicate that it could be a coding issue, but it’s unclear when or even when the company will release a permanent fix.

Fortunately, there seems to be a way to temporarily fix the problem If you encounter it on your Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy S8 Active.

How To Fix Galaxy S8 Oreo Battery Draining

While some users have apparently tried to factory reset the device and clear the cache, these seem to have no effect on the Airplane Mode battery drain issue.

However, some Galaxy S8 users experiencing the issue seem to have temporarily fixed the issue by switching the phone to 3G/2G network mode before turning on Airplane Mode. This option is found in the Galaxy S8’s settings in Settings > Connections > Mobile networks.

The other option right now is to avoid using Airplane Mode altogether until Samsung finds a solution to the problems.

It’s possible the company will find a cure in the next security update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but there’s no guarantee.

Other Galaxy S8 users have been complaining of more general battery life issues where the phone’s battery drains faster than normal.

If you think your battery life issues have nothing to do with using Airplane Mode, please take a look at our list of fixes for bad Galaxy S8 battery life.

There’s a very good chance that one of your apps is causing the problem, but there are also some settings changes you should try to fix it.

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