How To Fix Galaxy Note 7 Fingerprint Scanner Issues

Millions of users are enjoying the phone as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is back in use after a short recall. However, it’s not perfect and some owners are experiencing Galaxy Note 7 fingerprint scanner issues. Here we are going to review a few helpful tips for solving potential problems users may encounter.

In August, Samsung introduced the new Note 7 with both a fingerprint scanner and an Iris scanner, but most will stick with the fingerprint scanner. The new Note also comes with a water resistant design, microSD slot, larger battery and much more.

Now that backup devices are in the hands of users and the popularity of phones is increasing again, we are seeing a few comments. Some include how awesome it is, while others are having issues with the fingerprint scanner. If so, read on for some potential fixes and solutions.

The fingerprint scanner on all new Galaxy devices is fast and accurate. It usually unlocks phones in less than 0.5 seconds. It’s easy to use, very easy to set up and once configured we rarely have any issues. In fact, it works more than 95% of the time, and it’s mostly user error for not pushing it long enough.

All you have to do is press and hold for less than a second and the phone will be unlocked or paid. However, we do get a few complaints that it’s not working or saying “delete the sensor and try again” and it can be frustrating.

Above is a compilation of some of the best cases for the Galaxy Note 7, but they are also one of the things we will talk about below for Note 7 fingerprint scanner problems. Users register a finger before applying their case or screen protector, which can cause problems. Lets start.

Galaxy Note 7 Fingerprint Scanner Issues and Fixes

If your Galaxy Note is not able to recognize your saved fingerprint, there could be several reasons. First, make sure the scanner surface is clean as you may not get an accurate reading if you’ve already added a fingerprint or two. Especially in the new case Note 7, this is the error I see the most. Facial and fingerprint lubrication, makeup, dirt and more can cause it to malfunction and not get a 100% accurate reading. Wipe it quickly and make sure your fingers are clean during installation too.

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However, the biggest thing is how you set up your fingerprint. The setup is pretty self-explanatory, and Samsung allows users to tap different sides, angles, and more of their fingers. It won’t let you continue until you change the angle. This makes the reading more accurate. Even if you did it right, delete them and try again if you have problems. In the video below we add a fingerprint to the Note 5 that is almost identical to the Note 7.

If, after following this, you still have problems with not being able to read your finger, delete it and try again. Tap your finger to allow access and long-press any of the saved fingerprints and tap “Remove”. This will delete it and allow you to re-add it to the phone. Touching the sensor illuminates each print so you know which one to erase. We recommend that you redo them all.

I’ve seen reports of doubling the same finger on the system for a better chance of success, but this can confuse the system even more. I doubt it will work, but you can try.

Redo Fingerprint After Case or Screen Protector

It’s screen protectors or cases that we’ve noticed though, and are probably the biggest issue for owners. These slightly change the angle at which we touch the sensor and can make reading difficult at times.


Most owners will immediately install the Note 7 fingerprint scanner on first use, then run into problems after adding a case or screen protector a few days or weeks later. This is because the case causes the finger to scan at a different angle, and a guard does the same. Especially the full capped one like the one pictured above.

Those who add a screen protector or case to the Note 7 should delete (remove) all recorded fingerprints and redo the process by watching the how-to video above. Now as the device scans and enrolls the fingerprint it will get a perfect reading with your attached accessories. To provide a better experience to move forward.

Plug in the accessories you want to use, clean the device and wash your hands and start over. There shouldn’t be any issues from here and it should work as advertised. If you want, you can always try the Iris scanner as well.

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At shutdown, always use a backup method like pin or password in case of problems. If all else fails or the scanner continues to have problems, try a factory data reset. This is a last resort and will delete everything on the phone but it fixed even the worst fingerprint scanner issues except for a broken sensor. Good luck.

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