How to Fix Broken Windows 10 Apps and Issues

There’s a lot to like about Windows 10. Cortana personal assistant really helps users to set reminders and search while they work. The operating system starts fast and updates itself seamlessly in the background. All this is almost controversial because the main reason users want to download the Windows 10 upgrade is the apps.

There are better bits of code that Windows 10 users download from the Windows Store, now called Windows apps. Microsoft has rewritten their own apps to be both mouse and touch friendly. Each app can run in full-screen tablet mode or in a window alongside other apps. Windows 10 apps start faster and update on their own. There are two problems with Windows Store apps that any user who downloads Windows 10 will immediately notice. First, there aren’t enough of them. Microsoft needs to continue to push companies heavily to invest in the platform.

Second, Windows 10 apps are sometimes very, very problematic. More often than they should, they fail to start. Some users are reporting that after trying to open apps, it disappears in the background and disappears after a few minutes.

Here’s how to fix broken Windows 10 apps. Either they don’t load correctly, they get stuck on the splash screen, or they don’t stay started.

Kill the App from the Task Manager

When a Windows app isn’t working properly, the first thing we all do is click or tap on the X in the top-right corner of the app, then open it again to see if the issue we’re having is resolved. This is no coincidence. We all depend on the way programs in Windows work. Windows 10 apps are a little different behind the scenes and this idea is useless.

Apps sometimes have processes running in the background. Just because you don’t see an app doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there. It may still be working. If that’s the case, pressing X is to get rid of the part of the app that you can only see in Windows 10. It may not solve your problem.

To completely close an app, you have to dive into what Microsoft calls the Task Manager. You’ve probably heard it, it’s been on Windows for years.

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With Tablet Mode turned off, use your mouse on the taskbar at the bottom left of your screen.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (1)

Everything you might want to access that isn’t in Settings is available in this menu. You are looking for the option. This is the seventh entry from the bottom.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (2)

Welcome to Task Manager. Right-click the app that’s giving you trouble in the list and select Reopen your app now to see if it’s working properly.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (3)

If not, go back to Task Manager and click on it.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (5)

See if the app is listed under Background Processes. If available, select it in the app and there too.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (8)

You can try the app again now to see if it works correctly. If not, you will have to try our next solution.

Reinstall the App from the Windows Store

Sometimes app upgrades go bad in Windows 8. When they did, the only way to fix them was to reinstall the app. The problem is that for some users it was not always clear how to do this.

To uninstall an application in Windows 10, you need to find a shortcut to that application and use the . Start by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (9)

If you see the app you’re having trouble with as soon as you open the start menu, right-click the app and select Uninstall from the list of options. If you don’t see the app, tap or click its icon.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (10)

Now find the app in your installed apps list and above. Touch users have to tap and hold on it to get the same dropdown menu. choose

How to fix Windows 10 apps (12)

Go back to the Windows Store and install the app. Everything should be fine now.

Restart your computer

Finally, restarting your computer can fix temporary issues for you and your applications.

Go to the Start Menu and tap or click the option.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (10)

Choose from the list of options you have. Be sure to record everything you do before pressing this button. If you don’t, you could lose your job.

How to fix Windows 10 apps (14)

Good luck getting your Windows 10 apps up and running again. As Microsoft fixes issues with the Windows Store and developers learn how to use the tools available to them, we’re seeing fewer and fewer issues with the Windows app.

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Note that the issue you’re experiencing may be directly related to the app, not Windows, as most apps in the Windows Store are made by third-party developers. If you think that’s the case, go to the app’s page in the Windows Store. The app’s store page has contact information for developers and other users who share their experiences with each app.

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