How To Fix Bad OnePlus 6 Battery Life

OnePlus 6 battery life issues keep popping up on forums and Twitter from users, especially after the Android 9 Pie update. If your phone isn’t lasting as long as expected, we’ll detail over 10 tips or steps you can take to repair bad OnePlus 6 battery life.

It’s a great phone with a lot to like, but it’s not perfect. We keep hearing about various minor issues and the company is working hard to fix them with frequent software updates. like the last OP6 Android Pie beta.

With its large 6.3-inch display and 3300mAh battery, the OnePlus 6 will only have average battery life. There’s no way around that as most phones this size have a 3,500 or larger battery like the new OnePlus 6T. And while that may be enough for some, it can always be better. So, here are some settings you should change, steps you should take, and options you should consider to make your phone last as long as possible.

How To Fix Bad OnePlus 6 Battery Life

Running nearly stock Android 9 Pie, this phone takes quite a while and has tons of options and customization controls you can tweak. Changes that can make a noticeable difference in overall battery life. In this post, we’ll help you find the cause of the low battery, then show you how to fix it, followed by tips to help you get more time off each charge.

Before you start, running the latest OxygenOS update from OnePlus. At the time of writing, it was OxygenOS 9 that added a lot of new features, battery optimization, Nightscape and more. go.

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