How To Fix Bad Moto Z Battery Life

Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Droid are two of the thinnest and most powerful smartphones ever made. It’s a marvel of engineering that combines thin bezels and cutting-edge technology to create an Android phone that can have everything you need with just the right accessories. These devices are not immune from problems, despite the great reviews. Bad Moto Z battery life can ruin any experience with the device.

It doesn’t help that bad Moto Z battery life is one of the most talked about Moto Z issues. The Moto Z Droid offers a big battery and an unbreakable screen. The Moto Z has none of that. This makes the device slim. It also ensures that users will have to deal with bad Moto Z battery life at some point in the future. To be clear, battery life can also be an issue for the Moto Z Droid, but its extra capacity helps it a lot.

Use these tips to fix bad Moto Z battery life.

Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with bad Moto Z battery life. From software gimmicks to taking advantage of your phone’s ability to quickly add accessories via Moto Mods, there’s no need to have a phone that’s constantly dying before the end of your long day.

Check Battery Status

The first thing you need to do to fix bad Moto Z battery life is to investigate what is causing the discharge.

Opening the Settings app.

Scroll down until you see the Battery option listed in your Settings app. Tap on it for a breakdown of what you ate during your battery life.

You can tap on the entries in the list to get a breakdown on how to avoid draining even more of your battery life. For example, tapping on Bluetooth suggests turning off wireless technology to fix bad Moto Z battery life.

Use Battery Saver

The current version of Android, Android Nougat, also known as Android 7.0, includes a great Battery Saver feature that you can use to improve bad Moto Z battery life.

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Go to the Settings app. Look for the Battery entry in the list of options.

At the top of your screen you should see an option for Battery Saver setup. You can decide when it will open automatically. You can also use the top button to turn the feature on whenever you want. Your Moto Z or Moto Z Droid will automatically turn off the next time you charge it.

Use Airplane Mode

A very good way to improve bad Moto Z battery life is to turn off all the different radios used for communication on the phone.

Swipe down from the top edge of the Moto Z screen. Now tap the downward facing arrow on the right edge of the notification shade. Doing so should reveal a list of options so you can switch quickly.

Tap the option labeled Airplane Mode.

Note that you will not receive a single phone call or text message as all your radios are turned off. You will also disable your mobile data and Wi-Fi. Therefore, you should only use the feature if you find yourself in a situation such as reading something in an app, watching a video, or listening to music.

Manage Your Screen

The built-in screen on your Moto Z is the largest battery it has ever had. That’s why Android Nougat carefully manages how bright your screen is. It should always be kept bright enough to see and dark enough to not lose power.

Swipe from the top edge of your screen to reveal the notification shade. Now swipe again for the list of all quick options. At the top of this window is a slider that lets you decide how bright or dark your device’s screen is. Use it to temporarily fix bad Moto Z battery life.

Consider Your Applications

There are millions of great apps on the Google Play Store. Most won’t do much damage to your battery, but some can. If you remember installing an app from the Google Play Store just before the Moto Z started messing with battery life, uninstall that app.

Tap or hold an app icon, then drag it to the trash that appears at the top of your screen to get rid of it. You can see a list of recently installed apps and recently installed app updates in the Google Play Store.

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Restart Your Moto Z

Try resetting your Moto Z by pressing the power button until it gives you the option to Shut Down.

Reset Your Moto Z

If the reset still hasn’t fixed the bad Moto Z battery life, it’s time to completely reset your device.

Open the Settings app.

Look for Backup & Reset in the list.

Now choose Factory Data Reset.

Before using this option, make sure that everything on your phone is backed up. It deletes every app, game, photo or music file.

Use a Moto Mod

The best feature of the Moto Z family is that it allows you to quickly add new features to your device. If bad Moto Z battery life is still an issue for you after trying all these solutions, it might be a good idea to look into a Moto Mod to fix the problem.

This Incipio Offgrid Power Pack Moto Mod Increases battery life of both Moto Z and Moto Z Droid. It also adds wireless charging capability to devices.

Contact Motorola About Your Moto Z

If nothing else works then it’s time to get in touch Motorola Support. The company should be able to fix any problem. It may also ask you to send your Moto Z.

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