How To Fix Bad MacBook Pro 16 Battery Life

If it doesn’t live up to your expectations and Apple’s promises, here’s how to fix bad MacBook Pro 16 battery life.

Apple says the MacBook Pro 16-inch screen is at 75% brightness and has 11 hours of battery life when browsing Safari or playing 1080P content in the Apple TV app.

In the real world, you may see lower battery life and worse battery life depending on what you’re doing and whether there’s an issue with your MacBook Pro.

Understand What Uses Your Battery Life

The first thing you should do is figure out what is using your MacBook Pro 16 battery life. This will let you know what you need to do to fix it.

Find out what’s using your MacBook Pro 16 battery life.

The first place to look is the battery icon in the upper right corner. Click on it and you will see what uses significant energy.

Another place to see what’s using your battery life is in Activity Monitor. To access it, press command and spacebar and then type Activity Monitor and hit enter.

Once it opens, click on the Energy tab. Here you can see what is using energy and even sort by energy impact.

Use Activity Monitor to see the cause of your bad MacBook Pro battery life.

Use Activity Monitor to see the cause of your bad MacBook Pro battery life.

These will point you to apps that are using up your battery life or a system process that is using too much power.

In most cases, this is where you will see what is causing the problem. You can take action from there.

How To Fix Bad MacBook Pro Battery Life

If you’re seeing poor MacBook Pro battery life and an app is in one of the options above, the best thing to do is close that app and restart your Mac.

  1. in the upper left.
  2. .

This can fix many problems and get you back to working with better battery life.

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If the app using all your battery life is Chrome, the best thing to do is . Chrome is simply bad when it comes to battery life, and Safari is much better. It could even mean using Safari on mobile and Chrome when plugged in.

You should also try updating your apps. or to get the latest version that can fix battery issues.

If there is another application that is using too much power and you don’t need it at the moment, close it. This is especially important if you use Photoshop, Photos, Final Cut Pro, or any other important resource-intensive application.

In most cases, it will fix most of your MacBook Pro 16 battery problems.

MacBook Pro Battery Life Settings to Change

There are a few settings you can change to get better battery life on your new MacBook Pro 16.

Turn off WiFi or Bluetooth.

Turn off WiFi or Bluetooth.

You can reduce the brightness using Apple uses 75% brightness for battery testing. If I’m worried about battery life, I usually try to use 50% brightness.

If you don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth, you can turn them off. If the icon is in your menu bar, select and .

Check the Energy Saver preferences.

Check the Energy Saver preferences.

You can also check Energy Preferences to make sure your settings are optimized for battery life. go.

Check the options below.

These ensure your Mac is optimized for battery life. Most of these options may have already been checked, but if your MacBook Pro battery life is bad, you should double-check them.

Talk to Apple for help

If you continue to have problems with your MacBook Pro 16 inch, you should contact Apple for assistance. Potentially there is something wrong with your hardware or you may need to start fresh and avoid Time Machine Backup or Migration Assistant.

Using this page you can contact Apple and use chat, the phone, or set up a genius bar appointment to find out what’s going on on your computer. You have 1 year warranty and 90 days technical support, so use them. If you use AppleCare+, you get three years of support and warranty.