How to Fix Bad iPhone 4S Battery Life in 5 Minutes

The iPhone 4S has been plagued with battery life issues since its release in October.

Apple is trying to fix these battery life issues with the iOS 5.0.1 update, which hasn’t done much for most iPhone 4S owners.

I shared how you can get better iPhone 4S battery life, but this tip may help those who are experiencing terrible battery life even after using these tips.

I can’t promise this will fix every iPhone 4S battery issue, but it was able to fix my dreaded iPhone 4S battery life.

Unlike others, I initially had good battery life, but after a few weeks of use my iPhone 4S battery life dropped so much that it didn’t last until the end of the day.

After looking at my iPhone 4S battery usage, I discovered that the iPhone 4S uses my battery for as long as it does in standby. Here’s how I fixed my bad iPhone 4S battery life.

These tips will work best if you have low battery life, but for all iPhone 4S owners with bad battery life, Step 2 is worth a try.

Uninstall Recent Apps

If you’ve recently installed several apps, one of them might have a bug that prevents your iPhone 4S from going into standby mode, which can drain your battery life like the Cookie Monster in a Keebler Elf factory.

Uninstall apps

Press and hold on your recent apps and tap the X when they start shaking. I also did Step Two at the same time to quickly fix this, but if you want to try it you can stop here and go for a day. . If battery life improves, you can start reinstalling these apps one by one.

reset all settings

If you want to fix sudden onset iPhone 4S battery life issues, resetting the settings is the easiest way to clear things up without doing a full restore. The nice thing about this battery life fix is ​​that you can do it directly on your phone in a matter of minutes. It took me about 5 minutes to reset all settings. You won’t be able to use your iPhone while this is happening.

1. Tap on .

Go to item 2.

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on it.

iPhone 4S Settings Reset

4. Tap .

5. Enter the requested ones.

6. Wait for the process to complete.

You’ll have to review and redo any settings changes you’ve made, but all your apps, media, and data will still be in place.

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This solved the bad iPhone 4S battery life for me.

Update: For those asking, I see about 4 hours of usage and about 16 hours of standby. If I play a game like Infinity Blade II these drops.

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